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4/12/2005 - -= Evidence =-

List of weapons used on me.

That I and millions of people where attacked with energy weapons is sure, but what type of weapon was used?
The attacks on me that dented in my skin and gave me spasms in hit body parts are caused by a beam, which I know for sure because I have managed to shield the beam and with a simple test (moving my body  in and out of the beam) I have bin able to establish it was a beam salaam for sure. (I think Bin Laden is innocent: the explosives that brought down the W T C are clearly visible in the Let's Roll documentary click here).
Because the direction of the beam is consistent with the direction of a to the naked eye clearly visible satellite which has been standing in the same spot for the last couple of days (so it can not be a star) I think the attacks on me are made with that satellite (see stop_nazibush directory pictures on web shots dot com to see pictures of the satellite I was attacked with with details) in combination with one of the following:

High Power Micro wave weapon: Due to the gigahertz-band frequencies (four to 20 GHz) involved, HPM has the capability to kill people from space and this is the weapon I was attacked with, the 6125 Megahertz (6.125 Gigahertz signal) I measured when I felt the beam hitting my body, the only part of the video that was erased indicate that the High Power Micro wave weapon was used with 99.9999 percent certainty, however, I made an overview of all the other new technological advancements made by humanity which are influencing the health of all humans on this planet in a very negative way.

Solar Satellites, Solar Power Satellites. Secretly deployed in space telling the people they have plans to deploy them to hide the satellites are right their above your head and their signals are going through 6 billion peoples bodies as we read.
After studying it became clear many satellites use giant solar panels (see M Sat, Polar, an atmospheric studies satellite, was launched on February 24, 1996 by NASA in the Global Geospace Science project and one purpose of Polar is to gather information that will help scientists protect future satellites from radiation and other atmospheric dangers and radar sat use gigantic solar panels for example). The way to beam the energy down to earth has been developped (see wiki article on solar power satellites) and the illegal crop circles are evidence the solar satellites exist and pictures of satellites with solar panels are abundant.
Solar satellites would have replaced the dependancy on cancer-oil that’s why the government is trying to keep them secret: millions of lung cancer cases could have been prevented and contamination of the planet as well.

Micro wave satellites
Satellites emit radiation  that covers the whole frequency spectrum, from 0 to infrared and hundreds of Gigahertz.
Most of the satellites are not weapons, solar satellites and reconnaissance satellites and other types of satellites that can be used to attack people are kept top secret for as far as we know that. The satellites can all be seen as weapons since they emit radiation that is going through peoples bodies 24 hours a day, for example:
The following survey of existing and proposed satellite systems provides a quick overview of those satellite emitters which may, or are known to cause interference to radio astronomy (RA) observations.

Uplink freq (GHz)

Downlink freq (GHz)


6.43 - 6.45
1.63 - 1.66.

3.6 - 3.63

1.53 - 1.56.

5.85 - 6.425
14.004 - 14.498.

3.704 - 4.198
10.954 - 11.2
11.45 - 11.7

1.616 - 1.6265
29.1 - 29.3

1.616 - 1.6265

19.4 - 19.6

Gwen              150 to 175 KHz. and 225 to 400 MHz.

HAARP            2.8 to 10 MHz down and up-convertable from fractions of a Hertz to V H F and U H F-scattering up to Infrared and optical emissions.
HAARP: The Air Force Research Laboratory.
By exploiting the properties of the auroral ionosphere, as an active, nonlinear medium, the primary energy of the transmitter, although confined to the 2.8 MHz to 10 MHz frequency range, can be down-converted in frequency to coherent low frequency waves spanning five decades from fractions of a Hz to tens of KHz. It can be up-converted as well, producing emissions in the infrared (I R) and visible spectrums. Furthermore, it can structure the ionospheric electron densities in a way that provides a controlled scatterer of radio signals for H F/V H F/U H F frequencies. As a result, the transmitter can generate sources for remote sensing and new radio wave system applications spanning 16 decades in frequency (Figure 7). A number of these remote sensing and applications related research areas are summarized below.

Cancer micro wave antennas and other devices using cancer micro wave radiation in Holland:

Cancer U M T S in the Netherlands:
een paired band (F D D:
1920 to 1980 and
2110 to 2170 MHz; 2 × 60 MHz); two un-paired bands (TDD:
1900 to 1920 MHz and
2010 to 2025 MHz; together 35 MHz).

Mobile                     Station
Cancer G S M-R   E-GSM       GSM900     GSM-R E-GSM     GSM900
    876 880 890         915     921     925     935 960 MHz
890-915 MHz mobile to station
935-960 MHz station to mobile.

So cancer G S M 900: 876 to 960 Megahertz in the Netherlands.

Cancer GSM1800 1710 to 1785 MHz        Cancer GSM1800 1805 1880 MHz

Cancer Tetra/C2000 (A K A cancer 2000)
380 MHz to 385 MHz (mobile)
390 MHz to 395 MHz (stationary)

Cancer P 2000 (pager)
169 point 650 MHz.
Note: it does not matter if you carry a pager or not, the signal that gives cancer is still there even if you do not have or carry a pager or any other device using the cancer micro wave radiation.

Cancer Blue Tooth
2402 to 2480 MHz

System aperture radar (SAR)
The SAR technique has been applied in a very wide frequency range, about 20 MHz-100 GHz which corresponds to wavelengths of 3 mm-15 m. The choice of frequency determines largely which ground secures are to be reproduced since the backscattered return signal is affected above all by structures whose extent is of the wavelength size. Moreover, primarily the wavelength determines the capability of penetrating various ground layers, i.e. the penetration of the wave increases with a decreasing frequency.

Table 1: E-SAR Technical Key Parameters

RF-BAND RF - centre frequency TRANSMIT power 
X-BAND  9.6 GHz 2500 W
C-BAND  5.3 GHz 50  W
S-BAND  3.3 GHz 2000 W
L-BAND  1.3 GHz 360  W
P-BAND   450 MHz 180  W

Movement detection radar:
2,400 - 2,4835 GHz 25 mW  Legal only inside the house. also in use for general applications, R LANs end I S M.
9,2 - 9,5 GHz 25 mW   9,500 - 9,975 GHz 25 mW   10,5 - 10,6 GHz 500 mW.
13,4 - 14,0 GHz 25 mW Police radar speed detection.
24,05 - 24,25 GHz 100 mW Police, speed detection radar.
Goeie link is dat zeg.

The spectrum analysis I have done shows there is a lot of activity in the 0 to 500 Megahertz region (Tetra, Gwen) and around 6 Gigahertz there is a signal which is strangely hopping all the time between about 5 to 6.5 Gigahertz.
The signal would not have been measurable at all with the H F 35 C, but the H F 35 C is a good device to do a fast measurement to determine the direction of the strongest signal in the 800 to 2500 Megahertz region.

Chemtrails (pronounced: cam trails).
I cammed those trails and on the video and pictures you can clearly see the difference between the cam trails and the con trails clearly: the cam trails are long stripes in the air containing chemicals, barium, nano-bots and God knows what else that are clearly visible for a long time. The contrails are the normal condensation trails, very short stripes behind the plain that don't last long and the contrails come out of the engine of the plane, the camtrails clearly do not come out of the engines but from the tips of the wings, you can also see them on the pictures.
Remedy: buy and air-cleaner with an ioniser:
Negative ions purify the air by attaching themselves to positive ions

One time a plane stopped spraying in mid-air and about 10 kilometres further it started cam trailing again.

SAR System aperture radar to determine my exact location inside and outside the house. This could be the signal that is measurable between 4.5 to 6.5 Gigahertz which is strongest around 6 Gigahertz (the hopping signal mentioned above). This is not really a weapon but is probably what causes the frequency in my brain in combination with (otherwise it is a frequency between 0 to 500 Megahertz, see :

Remote Neural Monitoring. Using the Mardirossian patented technology to remotely read peoples brain waves , the Hatayama patented technologically advanced equipment to influence a persons emotions and therewith the persons behaviour in the most direct way possible and using Allen H. Freys technology (voice to skull micro wave hearing/illumination, spelled F R E Y)  in combination with infra sound to produce voice to skull messages also called micro wave illumination, micro wave hearing.
All the above mentioned weapons are called non invasive, but they are in fact very invasive because they use the micro wave radiation and electro magnetic waves of which has been proven they increase the cancer risk and are therefore always a transgression of the right to physical integrity (fourth amendment), not to mention privacy laws.

Alumination, using aluminum foil to protect against illumination: against the signals from the cancer phone masts (against cancer U M T S and cancer G S M) and aluminum foil does not shield the low frequency electro-magnetic beams, the energy weapon I was attacked with. Use M U metal to shield against electro magnetic waves. Please develop a force-field like the N S A works with to protect the humans against the harmful effects of the radiation, so the cancer micro wave radiation in our environment becomes harmless (like the E M X bio-chip for example). Please switch of equipment that uses the radiation when you are not using it and do not buy, sell and do not use equipment that uses the cancer micro wave radiation.

M U Metal - Shielding

7 april 2006 16:26
I was recording the measurement I did near my house, in the car.
When I was attacked the spectrum analyser clearly showed the attack at 6125 MHz at plus 3 d B M.
Then the camera gave an error and there was a message on the L C D of the camera that said: 'recovering data.

I am now very sure the attack  took place at this frequency and the video material that showed the attack was erased.

I's the video  where I do the measurement when I am back from shopping and explain that the perpetrators change peoples brain wave so they say sick in stead of the number six. The rest of the video that showed the attack has been remotely erased by the perpetrators, which happened before (see previous writings).

The devil worshipping skull-diggers do that on purpose to you all. You gave them 200 billion to kill innocent women and children in Iraq and millions of people around the globe peacefully demonstrated against that damned war remember?

7 april 2006 16:58
I will search the other picture I took of the 6.1 Gigahertz attack made on me.
The activity in the 6.1 Gigahertz area could also be to hide the real frequency used to attack me with, a decoy, but I find that highly unlikely because no other signal was measured. Inside the car there was no other signal measured. With the other meter I will be able to do the measurement from 0 to 1 megahertz more accurately, the 0.2 Megahertz signal which is usually the strongest signal is probably another signal in reality between 0 and 0.2 Megahertz which can not be measured accurately because you need the other Spectran meter for signals below 200 Megahertz.

8 april 2006 6:50
The signal of 6125 Megahertz I recorded in the car in front of my house was erased by the perpetrators.
I already mentioned before the perpetrators have the ability to erase video material made with a D V D camera.

Searching for the picture of the 6.1 to 6.2  Gigahertz signal I was attacked with earlier I found 2 pictures displaying that signal I was attacked with at an incredibly strong signal strength (almost one million micro Watt):
1) 6174 Megahertz at plus 29 d B m=794328.23 microWatt (meter was on Hold Mode, logger data number 186).

DSC01068 Made on Tuesday  28 march 2006, 5:26:49. In folder: 2006_03_26_12H56M_PM in DVD on F:

2) 6135 Megahertz at -3 d B m=501.19 microWatt (not in hold mode, picture is a bit un-sharp because of reflection but still readable).

Original picture DSC03038b.JPG, made Thursday  march 30 2006, 0:32:35.

3) 6255 Megahertz at 6 d B m=3981.07 micro Watt.

Used the d B m to micro Watt converter from:
because the Rohde & Schwartz power unit calculator gives the message 'Er zijn onvoldoende systeembronnen voor het uitvoeren van het Win 16-subsysteem. Klik op OK, sluit alle toepassingen af en start de computer opnieuw op'?.  I am happy The Eternal One allowed me to report this murder attempt made on me, I hope to use the information in court to prove I was attacked with an energy weapon of some sort.
The incredibly strong signal is proof that it can not be a consumer appliance and the frequency proves the cancer micro wave radiation antennas where most probably not used but the weapon described in the article -= Energy Weapon Used =- (now renamed -= Evidence =-)

I have tried to update this article but the copy and paste function does not work any more, so I can not make clickable web-links of the links on this page, the perpetrators also made the mediaplayer hang (songs start twice), ticks via my speakers and a nasty klicking sound which I have recorded which you can hear in the pod-casts and read about on this page.

Watch the stop_nazibush directory, klick here
webshots dot com LINK for more pictures of the spectrum analysis I did and many great pictures, also pictures of the satellite I made, like this one with a plane flying over (see flares on for better pictures of the satellites):

Here you can see the satellite I was attacked with clearly above the tree.
Shutter speed: 30 seconds.
Date: thursday, april 6, 2006, 8:02:59.
Location: from rooftop in Vinkeveen.
I like this picture because it is the first time I was able to capture a plane with the camera with a long shutter speed, creating the light-flash you see on the picture.
Thank you God.

So don't forget the 6.1 Gigahertz signal I measured when attacked could also be a decoy.

Don't forget to safe this whole page on your hard disk and onto C D rom for prosperity and some things on this page are spelled weird to be pronounced right by the speech engine.

This is a small part of a long cancer-chem-trail (pronounced as cam-trail) I cammed at sunrise, thursday, april 6, 2006 at 8:02:43.

Thursday april 6 2006 8:03:00.

Me at sunrise with the satellite behind my head. No stars visible any more, the sunrise has made the stars invisible.

Note: many articles on this web need to be edited but because the copy and paste function does not work I left all bad parts in and some parts are meant like a joke, the more serious stuff is web-linked any way.

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