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4/12/2005 - -= Microwaving Blood Transgresses Right To Physical Integrity =-

Overview of effects to human blood caused by exposure to micro wave radiation.

Healing beats curing. See: “How to protect against attacks with energy weapons list” below this article on protection.

(I wrote micro wave radiation because people already know exposure increases the cancer-risk)
This is the radiation coming from the cancer U M T S antennas and cancer G S M antennas, the same radiation is used by micro waves to heat food.
From Pozar's text "Microwave Engineering", which states that the term microwave "refers to alternating current signals with frequencies between 300 MHz (3 x 108 Hz) and 300 GHz (3 x 1011 Hz)."
Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths longer than those of Terahertz (THz) wavelengths, but relatively short for radio waves.

Effects to human blood caused by exposure to micro wave radiation.
1. Rolls of coins effect:  red blood cells lump by mobile phone (title of medical research news article)
2. Modification of cutaneous blood flow: Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations, emitted by a cellular phone, modify cutaneous blood flow
3. Resting blood pressure increase during exposure to a radio-frequency electromagnetic field.
4. Hematological changes in peripheral blood of workers occupationally exposed to microwave radiation significant decrease in thrombocyte and leukocyte counts.  The number of leukocytes and erythrocytes in the peripheral blood was significantly lower in the exposed than in the control group.
5. BBC NEWS / HEALTH Mobile phones 'harm blood cells'
The molecules all ended up with their poles aligned in the same direction. The forces between the cells unexpectedly jumped by about 11 orders of magnitude.
6. Project HAARP: The Military's Plan to Alter the Ionosphere
Electromagnetic radiation can also alter blood sugar and cholesterol levels, heart-rate and blood pressure, brain waves and brain chemistry.
7. Effect of low intensity pulse-modulated electromagnetic radiation on activity of alkaline phosphatase in blood serum
change in alkaline phosphotase activity in vitro
8. Electromagnetic fields (1.8 GHz) increase the permeability to sucrose of The blood-brain barrier in vitro.
Exposure to EMF increased permeability for (14)C-sucrose significantly compared to unexposed samples.
9. The effect of ultrahigh-frequency radiation on adaptation thresholds and the damages to blood system cells
Structural and functional changes in populations of megakaryocytes, immunocompetent cells as well as of undifferentiated cells, and of other types of cells that are dependent on the intensity of irradiation and permit establishing the probability-threshold levels of exposure taking account of reactions of perception and physiologic adaptation together with compensatory and regenerative processes and the injury sustained.
It is shown that changes in bone marrow cells differentiation and reproduction rather than integral shifts in the peripheral blood that acquire the utmost significance. Subjected to a particular scrutiny in the paper are blast cells, which cells' repopulation was noted to be getting increased in low-intensity exposure as were disturbances in their mitosis pattern.
10.  Dielectric properties of human red blood cells in suspension at radio frequencies Statistically significant age dependence, with a critical age of about 49 years, above which permittivity and conductivity of human RBCs in suspension decreased significantly.
11. In vitro cytogenetic effects of 2450 MHz waves on human peripheral blood lymphocytes.
Marked increase in the frequency of chromosome aberrations (including dicentric chromosomes and acentric fragments) and micronuclei
12. Comparison of chromosome aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes from people occupationally exposed to ionizing and radiofrequency radiation.
13. Alteration of diurnal rhythms of blood pressure and heart rate to workers exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.
14. Genotoxicity of radiofrequency signals. 1. Investigation of DNA damage and micronuclei induction in cultured human blood cells. Proof of D N A and chromosome damage.
15. Auswirkungen eines Handy Telefonats von nur 90 Sekunden Dauer
16. Lumping together of globules (red blood cells) and how to do the test at home with a 79 Euro microscope including pictures  (in German).
17.  The Reflex A major study of no consequence
The recent extensive European study, known as Reflex, found that radiation from mobile phones breaks D N A in human cells. But according to its 259 page final report, that does not mean that mobile phones are health risks.
The study involved 12 research groups in 7 European countries working from 2000 to 2004. It cost more than 3 million euros (2059450 from the EU, 506774 from the Swiss government, 191265 from the Finnish government, and 522629 from the Verum Foundation in Germany). The teams investigated electromagnetic fields (E M Efs) in the extremely low frequency (E L F) region coming from the ordinary electricity supply and appliances, and in the radio frequency (R F) range emitted by mobile phones. Much attention was devoted to standardizing exposure equipment and standards and other quality control.
One might have expected that such a major, concerted effort would yield more definitive answers on safety. It did not.


The original article was published in Elsevier,
people now have to pay if they want the article via
5. Thursday, 8 April, 2004, 09:49 GMT 10:49 UK
6., Clare Zickuhr and Gar Smith

17. Also in English.

Main Reflex Report: number 2 2 2?

The last five mentioned links are most excellent, prologic compliments you all for making it through the womb and producing the information that has the potential to safe us all.

I am against the use of cancer cell phones and it is not the persons own choice when it uses one.
If ofcoursamuhn does not exist than that must have been your joke.

This list will be available on line after I have won the court case.

E U logie.

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