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4/12/2005 - -= Free Energy NOW !!!!! =-

Free energy NOW !!!!

The car running on water is real according to several sources.
If the car running on water is real cars should drive on water world wide now.
A person named Wolfgang Czapp was arrested for writing about this car that drives on water according to the site mentioned below: "Even though it is a reality, for as far as I know production has not begun yet".

Inventor would be Daniel Dingel according to the site vrije energie machine dot n l (LINK below this one).,com_wrapper/Itemid,8/

Those people sold so much cancer oil that they have more money than your local government.
With those billions the people that sell the cancer oil try to prevent the cleanest form of energy: free energy.

My God, the car driving on water is real. I used to believe the car on water is not real, untill I saw the video that showed the principle used to create the car driving on water.

It is clear the cam trails in your lung and the risk of creating a third ice age by fucking up the natural balance by spreading nano bots through cam trails of which it is impossible to predict what the long-term influence is to prevent global warming is therefore one of the biggest risks to humanity and are not worth .

One micro particle can potentially give cancer. With a car driving on water we can create a clean environment and prevent global warming. The number of people is still growing so it is the only way, the number of car sales is declining I hope more.

The planet can not explode because the people who have control are warned constantly when this message is played.

Furthermore, if extremely low frequencies can create earth quakes (which was done according to several sources) there must be a way to apply the same technique to ensure the earths stability which is number one because I'm on it (ha ha).

Note: for as far as we have been able to test the Holy Handgranades they work.
The perpetrators can not block the mouse any more due to the amount of orgone built up or  have stopped playing with the computer mouse (I am not a cat, horse nor butterfly and neither are you, you are much more beautyfull).

The holy hand grenades do not block the radiation but only the harmfull effects of the radiation and may have influenced the perpetrators and installed the will to do only good because it is the best way and may have stopped the blocking the computer mouse sin for this reason. The perpetrators are making the perpetrator sound via the speakers again while I write this which is illegal (privacy).

Mail I wrote to Toyota

Toyota mail,
22 june 2006 19:25

Dear Toyota employee,

Since you have probably seen the videos and heard about the Joe Cell, an apparatus to let cars drive on water of which the building plans are on:

Since I and many other people refuse to buy a car that drives on precious crude oil and many people drive less because of the high cancer-oil prices I would like to know:

1) When will your company be the first to hit the BIG money by being the first to sell a car that drives on water?
2) Do you know the principle of a Joe cell or can you forward this mail to someone with technical insight at your company who does?
3) Why have you not produced cars that drive on water yet (since it is not that difficult)?

If you credit any one for the idea please refer to

Please remember Heroshima and Nagasaki and being a member of a skull digging sect is illegal under existing laws those organisations should be  
uplifted and taken apart (investigated) by the local police force.


A prologic fan.

FAQ E-Mail Toyota  My Area, Log out, help
Logged in as: Bob Dylan.
Your Question has been Submitted   
Thank you for contacting Toyota. We are currently experiencing extremely high volume. If you need immediate assistance with your vehicle please contact the Customer Relations Manager at your local Toyota dealership. You may also reach us by telephone at 800-331-4331 Monday through Friday, 5:00AM - 6:00PM PT, and Saturday from 7:00AM - 4:00PM PT.    

Site Overview | Your Privacy Rights | Legal
©2005-2006 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. All information herein applies to U.S. vehicles only.

The car on water will prevent the third world war, cancer oil will be cheep after introduction of Toyota's car on water and other companies are soon to follow.

The plane that flies on water will soon replace the cancer kerosine plane plus the car driving on water will be better for the environment and the most important thing: a lot cheaper to drive than a car that drives on cancer oil.

Aquarius vitalizer with a letter s from Sigue Sigue Sputnik dot info.

To build a Joe Cell to let your car drive on water visit the following web address with all the info, including drawings of the blue prints plus the materials needed to let your car drive on water see:
http://joe cell hydra dot com/

Joe with J O E.
The car companies should start production of the cars that is able to drive on water immediately, it's easy.
Toyota might be the first to produce the car that drives on water. The Big Money.

Walking on, walking on the moon.

This is an overview of the representation of each of the ten commandments with one word.
All of the ten commandments have been expressed in one, pro-active word, but these words are in no way a substitution for the real commandments given to the world by the real Eternal One.

1. believe.
2. praise.
3. pray.
4. sabbath.
5. parent-honour-ship.
6. life-saving.
7. marriage-loyalty.
8. restitution.
9. truth-spreading.
10. contentness.

Reminding it is against the laws of the holy Torah to produce cars that drive on cancer oil since a much cleaner method is letting the car drive on water in stead of pricious crude oil.

The price won.

People can buy a second hand car and let it drive on water themselves, the normal engine is used.

One micro particle can give cancer, please introduce a car that does not spread dioxine, benzeen and other toxic gasses everywhere it drives and stand still with the motor off.

Keep your distance to cars in front of you so you don't breathe in the toxics from the car on the bumper in front of you.

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