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4/12/2005 - -= Protect Childrens Bedrooms With Aluminum Foil =-

M I T's Aluminum foil study shows aluminum foil only attenuates (shields) cancer cell phone antenna mast radiation.

Protect Childrens Bedrooms With Aluminum Foil.

1) Check M I T signals which are amplified by aluminum foil according to the M I T.
2) Look up what type of equipment uses those frequencies.
3) Connect the meter to a cable, an antenna on the roof and aluminum foil for example, to see what it picks up.
4) Measure shielding quality of aluminum foil and try to do a measurement of the frequencies which are amplified according to the study done by the M I T, I do not buy their story because its on line for free.

1) First we re-analyse the data from the M I T. First we study the spectrum analyser picture on their page.
You can also find the study via Zapatopi dot net.

First let me explain what we see on the picture of the (expensive) spectrum analyser screen photograph.

On the picture we see the screen of the Agilent 8714 E T spectrum analyser, used by the M I T (CLICKABLE LINK).

The screen is divided in squares and shows the attenuation of the test radiation blasted through the helmet, in other words: the graph shows which frequencies are blocked (attenuated) and which frequencies are amplified (which frequencies get stronger) by the aluminum foil.
On the x-axis ) from top to bottom on the left side of the photograph we can read the attenuation and amplification of the radiation signal produced
We hope to check out a spectrum of the agilent antenna used to produce the test signal radiation made with a spectrum analyser from a different brand. The test signal produced by the antenna might not produce the same amount of radiation on all levels, meaning that the test signal might not be evenly spread across the spectrum to begin with, so that an accurate measurement would have been impossible. The antenna used to produce the test signal might produce more radiation at 2,6 Gigahertz than at 1 Gigahertz for example, so we'd have to check out the antennas spectrum with a different brand analyser if we would want to be sure all frequencies the test signal generator (Agilent 8714E T) produces (in the measured field from 10 KiloHertz to 3 Gigahertz) are evenly represented and balanced throughout the spectrum. The antenna and analyzer may have been made for each other, so there might also be a callibration problem (the analyzer might not produce accurate results as well, how would you test the Agilent?).
On the Y axis the frequency goes up from left to right.
At the left bottom of the screen we can read: Start 1010 comma 359 Megahertz and on the right bottom side: Stop 3000 Megahertz. This means the ten bottom squares from left to right each represent a step of about 200 Megahertz ( start around 1000 megahertz stop at 3000, so the y axis represents almost 2000 Megahertz of the spectrum exactly).
The first square is thus 1200 Megahertz, the second 1400, the fifth line on the y-axis equals 2000 Megahertz and the last square at the bottom on the right represents from 2800 to 3000 Megahertz.
Everything below the line in the middle (between plus 20 and -20 d B) is negatively attenuated, meaning amplified.
Thus, if we use this spectrum analysis plot, we can see the signal is amplified
1) from about 1000 Megahertz to 1300 Megahertz,
2) 1400 to 1600 Megahertz and
3) 2300 to 2450 Megahertz.
Note: there is no 2.6 Gigahertz amplification, the amplification is from 2.3 to 2.45 Gigahertz according to the Agilent Spectrum Analyser screen captured by the M I T.
The M I T wrote: "
For all helmets, we noticed a 30 db amplification at 2.6 Ghz".
So either the M I T has lied or the M I T has made an error which is possible because the signal they measured is used to do mind control according to various very reliable sources. On the typical attenuation trace from the network analyser you can clearly see the strongest amplification is 20 d B at 1.1 Gigahertz. There is no 30 d B amplification visible on the Agilent 'attenuation trace' but their is 26.986 d B attenuation in stead (attenuation means shielding power). Further more I have measured the types of signals in my environment and their is no signal measured around 2.6 Gigahertz at all end cancer U M T S end cancer G S M do not emit signals that get amplified, only signals that get attenuated by the foil.
I Noticed the discreptancy saturday, the sixth of may 2006 and gave the text I added the colour red. Please let me know if I am correct, I will remove/edit the text if I would not be correct bud you can see for yourself that I am correct (see 'attenuation trace' above). I doubt the M I T attenuation trace would be incorrect, it is merely a spectrum analyzer.

The area of the spectrum that is attenuated (shielded) by the foil is therefore much BIGGER than the area of the spectrum that gets amplified by aluminum foil. This is very important.
The area of the spectrum that is attenuated (shielded) by the foil is therefore BIGGER than the area of the spectrum that gets amplified by aluminum foil, because it means it is better to use foil to shield against the cancer micro waves even if it does amplify the frequencies from about 1000 Megahertz to 1300 Megahertz 1400 to 1600 Megahertz and 2300 to 2450 Megahertz. Those frequencies might not be around at all in your area.
The question is also if the M I T was in a shielded room where the amount of radiation is zero when the test equipment is off.

The amount of frequencies on the frequency spectrum that get amplified by the foil is relatively small (smaller than) the amount of frequencies that exist in that part of the spectrum that get attenuated. This is a difficult way of saying wearing a hat is still better, you could argue wearing a hat is better, because the radiation is not spread out evenly across all parts of the spectrum:

cancer U M T S:
E R C Decision of 29 November 19 99 on the harmonised utilisation of spectrum for
terrestrial Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (U M T S) operating within
the bands 1900 - 1980 MHz, 2010 - 2025 MHz and 2110 - 2170 MHz.

cancer G S M:
cancer G S M 900
uplink 890 - 915.
downlink 935 - 960.
Number of channels: 124.
cancer G S M 1800
Uplink: 1710 - 1785.
Downlink: 1805 - 1880.
Number of channels: 375.

cancer Tetra (Called Cancer 2000 in Europe):
Frequentie mobiel C2000 3 8 0 comma 0 125 to 3 8 4,9875 Mhz .
Frequentie vast C2000 3 9 0 comma 0 125 to 3 9 4,9875 Mhz.
Listen to a sample of how cancer Tetra (Cancer 2000 in Europe) sounds with a H F radiation meter.
Frequentie P2000 (pagers) 169,650 Mhz
Listen to a sample of P2000.
See a picture of a typical C 2000/P 2000 antennamast, duh dree master.
Note: All frequencies used by mobile communication are outside the area of the frequency spectrum that would supposedly get amplified by aluminum foil. This means the foil effectively shields all frequencies used by mobile communication antenna masts. The frequencies used by cancer U M T S, cancer G S M and even Cancer 2000 (Tetra) are all shielded by the foil even if the results shown in the M I T study would be correct, it's time to party you see?
straling dot org
via stop u m t s dot n l no link to the frequencies used by cancer-u m t s on dot startpagina n l, back to stop u m t s dot n l. Found the frequencies the cancer-U M T S uses with Google via k/glossary.htm
in the glossary on the fore mentioned web site we find the following info:
Universal Mobile Telecommunication System
The next evolution of mobile phone technology and expected to result in widespread use of video phones and access to multimedia information.
The Ofcom publishes details of the technical requirements for U M T S technology operating in the UK in the form of UK Interface Requirement [I R 2019].
The U K Interface Requirement is the source of the frequencies mentioned in the list for cancer U M T S.

About cancer 2000 A K A Cancer Tetra.

We have checked out which equipment uses the frequencies that are amplified by aluminum foil. Read the next part of this article.

We use Library of Intelligence and Surveillance Reference Documents
[Worlds Largest Archive Regarding TSCM and Spy Hunting]

FCC Frequency Tables show what equipment is used in the areas I described above as area's of the frequency spectrum amplified by aluminum foil.
1) from about 1000 Megahertz to 1300 Megahertz,
Signals amplified in this area are:
960-1215 Aeronautical Radionavigation.
1215-1240 Earth Exploration-Satellite (active), radiolocation, radionavigation satellite (space-to-Earth) S5.329, space research (active).
1240-1300 Amateur.
2) 1400 to 1600 Megahertz
1400-1427 Earth Exploration satellite (passive) Radio Astronomy U S 74 Space Research (passive).
1427-1429 Space Operation (earth-to-space), Fixed (telemetry), Land mobile (telemetry and telecommand).
Note: 1427-1429 became non-Federal government exclusive spectrum in January 1999.
1530-1535 Maritime mobile-satellite (space to earth), Aeronautical mobile satellite Aviation (87), Aeronautical radionavigation satellite. Note: Footnote G126 states D G P S stations may be authorized on a primary basis in the 1559-1610 Megahertz band, but the F C C has not yet adopted this footnote.
3) 2300 to 2450 Megahertz.
Fixed mobile Amateur Radiolocation

Below an example of the frequency spectrum, these are not frequencies amplified by the foil but attenuated.
Wireless Communications (27)
Broadcast Radio (TV) (73)
Auxiliary Broadcasting (74)
Private Land Mobile (90)
FIXED, MOBILE (NG115, NG128, NG158, NG159)
Auxiliary Broadcasting (74)
Private Land Mobile (90)
Public Mobile (22)
Private Land Mobile (90)

So we have found out pretty much without any meter at all, just using the web.
A nice overview of a person that used a Spectran meter to do the measurements that show the radiation affects plants and trees in his neighbourhood. See:
On you can find info about Aaronia meters but not the spectran spectrum analyser.
Aaronia dot d e.
M u metal shields best, also static plates and a force field exist.

If I lied the M I T lied it was only to attract attention to shielding, but I did not lie because hiding important facts can be called lying. I never lie (I never tell an untruth on purpose) because that can lead to repercussions of the people you lied to. Leaving a blanket of ash on the ground. If the readings are inaccurate it means I have won. I have won any way because the frequencies supposedly amplified are not used by the cancer antennas that make my head pound in the rhythm of the cancer micro wave pulses and the fucking frequency disappeared out of my brain. I'm radiation free and my finger is practically cured, so I am happy.
I wonder if the M I T people have aluminated their room and especially their testing room, otherwise that explains their strange readings.

200 Megahertz up to 6,5 gigahertz is within the frequency range that the Spectran meter is able to measure.
Tinnitus is in most cases micro wave illumination caused by frequencies between 200 Megahertz and 6,5 Gigahertz. Use aluminum foil to shield. All frequencies produced by the cancer micro wave radiation are attenuated by aluminum foil, according to the results of the M I T. Peace.

The M I T could at least have mentioned that the radiation coming from the cancer micro wave antenna phone masts is completely shielded when aluminum foil is used and the frequencies that are supposedly amplified by the foil are not produced by the cancer antenna masts, cancer U M T S for example so aluminum foil is still perfect for shielding purposes, even if the results of the M I T would be correct completely. The signal from the masts gets attenuated (shielded) by the all u miny em foil, the frequencies used by the cancer antennas are attenuated by aluminum foil according to the results of the M I T study.

Because the M I T did not mention this fact (that the foil shields against the radiation coming from the cancer G S M antennas very well) we could even make the following conspiracy theory plausible: the M I T only emphasised the amplifying quality of the aluminum foil, even though the amount of frequencies attenuated (protected and shielded) by the aluminum foil is much bigger than the few frequencies that get amplified.
From the above we can conclude: people with an aluminum foil room should watch out for certain types of satellites, Aeronautical Radionavigation Earth Exploration-Satellite (active), radiolocation, radionavigation satellite (space-to-Earth)
amateur radio and Telemetry.

People can check with a Spectran Meter from Aaronia which frequencies are active in their environment measure up to 6 Gigahertz and people can not do that with the H F 35 C.  With the Spectran people can log the frequencies in their area continuously with a computer.

Actually I want to thank the M I T for doing the study and I argue that measuring with equipment is always lying because the results differ from spectrum analyser to Hyper Log antenna  and it is probably impossible to get a totally shielded environment and I wonder how much radiation would be around in the test lab used by the M I T.
I wrote this because I think it�s good aluminium foil was spectrum analysed at least but doubt the testresults not because of incompetence of the M I T but because of the impossibility to get 100 percent accurate results because it is impossible to correctly calibrate the equipment. All spectrum analysers show different results with the same set-up, is the antenna to produce the signal exactly the strength it�s supposed to be to calibrate the spectrum analyser or is the spectrum analyser accurate enough to calibrate the antenna?
I think the M I T might have a name for themselves and stays any way, that�s why I wrote they lied: to get attention for the children must be in a shielded environment at least.
Even 3 meter thick concrete steel walls can not shield system aperture radar/scalar for example.
The fact that people can perceive micro waves and messages intra cranially (in their skull) is called micro wave hearing, see Allen H. Frey, 1962.
The following story states in German that the micro wave hearing effect only occurs with frequencies in the micro wave range from 300 to 1500 Megahertz and in another part of the article is claimed: TRANSLATION FROM GERMAN:
People with a normal hearing capacity can perceive pulse modulated fields in a frequency range between 200 Megahertz and 6,5 Gigahertz. This is possible because the modulated signal is more complicated than the un-modulated signal: un-modulated 300 to 1500 Megahertz, modulated 200 Megahertz up to 6,5 Gigahertz is used to give voice to skull messages.

Use thick MU-metal plates, static plates and a force field to protect against the attacks that dent in your skin, aluminum foil can not shield against scalar-em, gwen and micro wave satellites using SAR.

Dieser sogenannte H�R-EFFEKT tritt nur innerhalb eines begrenzten Mikrowellenbereiches zwischen 300 bis 1500 Megahertz auf.

- Staatlich dokumentiert �
- �bersetzung der Forschung der ICNIRP- Erkenntnisse
- vom Bundesministerium f�r Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit sowie dem

Offizielle Erkenntnisse des Bundesamtes f�r Strahlenschutz Richtlinien f�r die Begrenzung der Exposition ...... durch elektromagnetische Felder.

Seite 72:
Besondere Ber�cksichtigung gepulster und amplitudenmodulierter Wellenformen
Zeite 5
Der MIKROWELLEN-H�R-EFFEKT ist daf�r ein sehr gut bekanntes Beispiel
(FREY 1961- F R E Y und MESSENGER 1973 � LIN 1978)

Menschen mit normalem H�rverm�gen k�nnen pulsmodulierte Felder im Frequenzbereich zwischen rund 200 MHz und 6,5 GHz wahrnehmen. Je nach den Modulationscharakteristika des Feldes wurde der H�reindruck verschiedentlich als ein summender, klickender oder knackender Ton beschrieben. Die Mikrowellen-H�reffekte wurden einer thermoelastischen Wechselwirkung des auditiven Bereichs des Gro�hirns mit einer Wahrnehmungsschwelle von ungef�hr 100-400 mJ m �2 f�r Pulsl�ngen von weniger als 30 Mikrosekunden bei 2,45 GHz zugeschrieben.
Dieser sogenannte H�R-EFFEKT tritt nur innerhalb eines begrenzten Mikrowellenbereiches zwischen 300 bis 1500 Megahertz auf.

200 bis 6,5 ist innerhalb denes bereichen dessen Spectran messgereetes.

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