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4/12/2005 - -= The Things No No No Knows =-




The things no no no knows

Sin bad.

When the perpetrators are hijacking my system a clicking sound is audible when I open and close applications and the clicking sound is sometimes audible when this computer is hijacked.

You can also just tune into world peace radio for a better quality reception.

The mail from Bawa lawyers in Dutch is now available as a pod-cast.
The pod cast list is growing so fast, I have trouble keeping it up here, but all pod casts can be downloaded from:
Search on prologic for cool pod casts.
The wack my bush podcasts are cool as well.

Stealing Geronimo's skull was wrong.
Put back geronimo's skull in the grave where skull and Bones belong.
Nazi bush and his minions are a shame to the american people.
Nazi bush that devil worshipper is the anti christ: guilty of the depleted uranium war crime.

Me cha el won (written like that to let yo speech engine pronounce michael right).

Ha ha ha ha, I have found it:

This is what scientologists actually believe. Watch South park.
These are the ways the church of Scientology actually robs people of their money.

The perpetrators are murderers that prepared all kinds of things so their names and locations are found out.

I recorded the sound that the perpetrators made via my speakers and it is audible in some of my pod casts and the sound can be heard on another prologic site:
Now I recorded the sound without any other sounds (without the healing rife frequency) and I made a frequency analysis with wave lab lite. When the perpetrators where trying to interfere with the show and are trying to make me angry with their annoying perpetrator-sound I rolled.
This is a better frequency analysis spectrographic overview of the sound produced by the computer when the perpetrators make the annoying perpetrator-sound (at least I THINK it was meant to be annoying). A very nasty clicking sound that fucked up some world peace radio broadcasts. Off course we block their mind controll signal with ELFs but it is not enough Dee me tree (skoozee let me get my oozee).

Their frequency seems to be 8637,5 Hertz
That's the frequency of the perpetrators probably not the clock speed of my computer Kenneth.
Eight six three seven comma five.
Over over.
What I think I was attacked with:

The K O 25 satellite which is supposedly out of order was flying right above my house when the nasty frequency in my brain started that woke me up around 5 and sometimes even 4 o'clock.
If the satellite is out of order it should be removed, put on a flight course into the sun or removed by a parasitic satellite (parasitic satellites really exist, check any search engine).
I can not afford a meter that can measure up to 50 Gigahertz from (12000 Euro including probe).
The attacks are clearly visible sometimes and I feel the attacks on my hand when I keep my hand in front of the radiation. Symptoms vary from itching to spasms that are visible and I have recorded on video tape. People think the cancer U M T S antenna's are used to attack people with but other people claim cancer micro wave satellites are used.
I described elsewhere on this page how people can protect themselves, moving around is usually best.

Damn those nasty perpetrators. Hypnotize yourself and the perpetrators.

See hypnoses dot com for some good inductions you have to re-write and edit first, many of the inductions on their are incomplete. Snapping your fingers twice and saying shut down and saying disarm disarm disarm is supposed to get rid of hostile alters.
Where two tribes go to war none is all the two can't score.
The 9 9 9 statcounter is now at 1900 original visitors (fifth of march).

An overview of mind control equipment, just written.

1)  The supercomputer does not have any feeling but the super computer in combination with satellites and the cancer mobile phone antenna mast park controls human emotion (see the famous Hatayama patent),
2) The supercomputer steels brain waves (brainlink, to read your mind, Mardirossian patent), satellites are controlled to send two energy beams of cancer micro wave radiation through peoples body and brain and the difference between those two beams is measured and shows the persons brain wave.
3) The supercomputer projects the voices of the controllers (usually work in pairs) in the brains of thousands of victims that can not be handled by the supercomputer which also talks of course (William T. Clark patent, silent sound, smart dust, macromotes) and.
4) The cancer microwave radiation that is used for this voice to skull method changes peoples blood structure and is therefore always a transgression of international laws as well as your local constitution and the fourth amendment which all guarantee peoples right to physical integrity. Aluminum foil really protects with a factor 30 at least.
5) Chem-trails (pronounced as cam-trails) containing barium where spread. On the pictures and movies prologic and others made you can clearly see the cam trails are not coming out of the engine. The cam trails on the photo of the plane that flew over prologics house very low are clearly visible on the video. The cam trails are sprayed from the tips of the (white) cancer cam trail plane.
On the video you can see that besides the fact that the cam trails are from the tips of the wings and not condensation (con) trails from the engines but from the tips at the end of the wings, and besides that that the cam trail stops in the middle of the air and the cam trail starts again about 500 meters further the cancer cam trail plane started spraying again.

Air cleaner.
China is the only country in the world where cam trails have not been spotted.

On this picture above you can see clearly the fucking chem-trails do not come from the mother fucking cancer plane engine, but from the fucking cancer-chemtrail-planes cancer chem trail installation and the government has been experimenting with this since-whenever mother fucking fucker. Just let a speech engine reed this article you are the best.

Cancer U M T S antenna on a dutch so called Hoogspanningsmast (Power Tower).

2) People that hear voices are normal.
Never say you hear voices, not even your inner voice.
The first American to publish on the microwave hearing effect was Allan H. Frey in 1962.
Frey is spelled with the letters: F R E Y.
Fray discovered how to send voices to peoples brain from a distance.
Micro wave hearing: Frey A H. "Human Auditory System response to modulated electromagnetic energy" J Applied Physio, 1962.
Also at

Window licker.
Eh phex Twin.

Electrical storm.
Frey ying your brain.

Listen to Royksopp - what else is there?
It was mean in that room.
But you could not see m.
To many lies out.
The gezond hights ruhd.
Just an explosion of non thermic effects.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
We know. Blood on their hands.
SO People know the Gezond hights ruhd is lying.
It is fun to change the lyrics, like: a joke.

We are against stealing brain waves, against brain mapping.
You could argue to be for brain mapping people with a criminal record. Prologic does not have a criminal record and was never arrested but is against stealing brain waves any way.
The only exception would be made for murderers. We know murderers are monitorred and the majority is still normal.

Conventional methods to catch murderers have advanced to a stage where perfection can be reached. We are against stealing brain waves because laws of physical integrity superseed laws of privacy.

The people do what they believe.
The people are led to their sloughter like a shepard leeds the sheep to sloughter ultimately.

This is all just to get you depressed.
Hee hee.

The story in the background is complete bullshit probably.

Nazi bush, dad. Wave that devil worshipping president now, do not mousse.

Watch out, the M I T is really lying as you can see clearly.

I also found out the zapatopi site has a page that shows the skull and bones logo. This means zapatopi has placed the skull and bones logo on their site and in their web domain.
You can view the big skull and bones logo on their site the following way:
The skull and bones logo appears when you type in the adress of a page that does not exist in the zapatopi dot net domain, for example: when you type in the adress: you see the Totenkopf logo with the message:
file not found. You screwed up (or maybe I did).

If you believe there should be a file here, please email me
with the file name and where it was linked from. Thank you.
Visit the index page. What you want might be found there.
This means zapatopi put the skully logo on their site themselves, and they are probably involved in the cover up or the skullies are behind their site or they have humor.

Use healing rife frequencies.

Of course I do not believe in true invisibility.
The idea was spread by american intelligence to promote the invisibility idea to make people that where attacked with energy weapons look crazy.

What if God did not keep his word. There are still infertile and barren women in Israel, So God did not keep the promise God made in the Torah for over 2000 years at least. I am the beast. Just kidding. I'm against offering animals but I'll do it any way if the Eternal One is Almighty and wants animal offerings, but I don't think so. I hope The Eternal One will make clear He does not want animal offerings. Offerings are not allowed according to jewish law untill the third temple is standing, which it will be, but the people will have to build it themselves.
Offering humans again?
Yes, in Muno.
The super-computer will disappear totally if the computer did those awfull things to anybody.


Searching the picture with the invisible agent holding a fishing rod.
Lots of nazi bush fishing pictures.
When I searched on plus bush and plus invisible I found a site showing nazi bushes doughters in Iraq (a fake series I presume) and a crop circle showing nazi bushes face on top and john kerries face underneath.

Humans made these U F Oh's: cypher and the avro car for example.

The crop circles where made with solar satellites.
A crime. Mystery solved.

I'm behind it. Love now.

Saddams case is not a murder-case because:
1) There is no evidence Saddam killed any one himself.
2) It is not proven and there is no evidence the people that where alledgedly killed where not guilty of any crimes, it is a fact Saddam was attacked.

I do not believe in aliens but that there are secret agencies that use the idea aliens would exist to hide the attrocities those agencies are committing. People where kidnapped with choppers by people wearing alien masks.
What is possible is that a new race has been developped using gene sequencing technology out of humans. A new race looking alien with a large head bred by cross-breeding and new cloning technologies (see clonaid dot com for example). Cross breeding is against the laws of the holy Torah.
This new race is called cray alien to hide that the creatures are, for the biggest part, human.
The new race was called Cray because it was developped by the Gray supercomputer and the minds of the so called alien race are totally computer controlled, meaning that the creatures do not have any thoughts of their own. This is the main reason the race was created. Also possibly to guard time travel portals.
M I T = darpa. Indicating M I T receives funding from Darpa who use the cancer micro wave radiation for lots of purposes besides communication, the
Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.
Prologic knows for a fact M I T is lying and so do a lot of other people.
M I T is lying about the protective quality of aluminum foil. you can measure yourself aluminum foil has a shielding factor that's at least 30.
We know for a fact the M I T is really lying, so watch out.
On the 9 9 9 prologic blog you can find info from the radiation protection center in Finland (STUK), clearly more specialized in the field of radiation than the M I T.

We won. Peace.
I reposted my testimonial to zapatopi, in their testimonial section we can read:

What your tax money was used for:
over 200 billion dollars on the curst war in Iraq, the illegal contamination with depleted uranium war crime, 127 billion on a Talon military robot army with machine guns, agent orange in Vietnam, Cambodia, the cancer antenna's in your area, the cam trails, the cancer micro wave radiation going through your penis/vagina,  nuclear  reactors of submarines that leave a mess, the assasination of Louis Seveke and pim fortuyn, the remote neural monitoring equipment the perpetrators use, their choppers, their alien mask, HAARP in Alaska, Electro Convulsive Electroshock equipment, concentration camps in the United States, underground military bases where people experiment on kidnapped victims, Dulce New Mexico, Rosswell, Waco, nuclear reactors that leave a lot of waste etcetera
So that was what your tax money was used for.
can you feel the money, slipping through your hands?

You can see your bio rhythm at A O lee yah (spelled with fuckin A E O L I A H) dot com or, if you have amiga or linux use mind guard.
I enjoyed your healing session at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam very much (kleine zaal), thank you for signing my album with Devine music Aeoliah.

The things no no no knows is merely the title of this article.

This just mailed fifth of march 2009:

Dear Zapatopi dot net life saver,
Thank you for placing my testimonial.
Can you please change my name from D J Push It into Prologic?
I would prefer anonymity.
Maybe I'm just not paranoid, but you never know every person in the world can watch your site, even from a coffeeshop where you get a free internet coin with each drink you order there.
If possible also a link to the World Peace Radio Blog:
Thank you once again.
I also like the fact that people who type in a non existing adres in your zapatopi dot net domain get to see the Skullie's logo, because than you know you've gone wrong for sure.
May The Eternal One Save Us All (holy grail type o' thing).
Prologic ( a k a D J Pushit, listen to world peace radio live via

So Zapatopi dot net is a great site!
Not to be confused with Wikipedia with the bad tinfoil hat article.
See my testimonial, click HERE

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