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-= Prologic's Blog: THE WorldPeaceRadioBlog WPRB =-

-= Prologic's Blog: THE WorldPeaceRadioBlog WPRB =-

2/12/2005 - -= Saddam is Innocent Part 2 =-

Damn your planned cancer oil hero in afghanistan war.
Now you've won Vietnam you wanna go for another victory?

You're gonna have to fight your own damn war,
cauz' we don't wanna fight no more. Prince Rogers Nelson.
Make love go A woll, it's safest. John Lennon, end of Mind Games.
Just damn bones. Guns and Roses. Track 2, use your illusion two, we use everybody's illusion.

What would the majority think now, after the wrigging of the W T C with explosives and spending 200 billion on the curst war?
We are gonna burn the skullies. They don't exist any way, it's a secret - you know, to put fear into people.
We are the majority.
A real mollotof is illegal, even if the skullies dug up Geronimo's remains.
The N S A C I A kidnapped people with Alien masks on to do mind control experiments on.

When you search help the super computer directs you straight into the hands of the enemy if you do not investigate first, because the supercomputer controls what you think, if you think, what you remember, what you forget and your emotions and it does this to all people in Europe and the U S at least.

Test everything you learn. Everything.

About Saddam Fails to appear in court B B C article:
Saddam has the right to an impartial judge and judges may not be swapped as soon as they know the truth.
Secondly the woman that was abused by the intelligence chief Barzan al-Tikriti should take Barzan to court, not Saddam.

Because Saddam was attacked and used by the Americans Saddam is innocent: the trial is a setup and the Americans want to portrait Saddam as a scape goat for the 200 billion dollar Iraq war jist like the World Trade Center bombings are no excuse (poor try or por tray, whatever you like off course).

Time for the American insurgents to leave Iraq to the Iraqi's.
You can't fool some people sometimes but you can't fool all the people all the time.
Bob, Mali.
B B B article, link, don't click here (bad).

Two Chassidim, not small.

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