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2/12/2005 - C I A's 'Black Sites' Prisons: interrogated beyond the confines of international law.

C I A's Black Sites Prisons: interrogated beyond the confines of international law.

Eight C I A 'black sites' used to torture and illegally detain people supposedly are:
1) Spain. Mallorca, Tenerife.
2) Canada.
3) Poland.
4) Romania.
5) Bulgaria Sarafovo airport near the Black Sea port of Burgas
6) Azerbaijan
7) Baghdad, Kabul,
8) Amman and Pakistan.
The Berliner Zeitung reported yesterday that the Rhein-Main (pronoun C I ation: Rhyne main) Air Base had been used for a large number of secret C I A flights between 2002 and 2004. The paper based its report largely on information from plane spotters, listing 85 takeoffs and landings by C I A aircraft, and said flight records showed many flights had originated in, or flown on to, Baghdad, Kabul, Amman and Pakistan.
The C I A aircraft have made stopovers in various European countries, among others Germany," the source told the paper. "Nothing has changed in this regard."
The source, described as a "high-ranking" intelligence official, mentioned the Ramstein (Rum Stayn) base, the largest US military air base in Europe, and the Rhein-Main Air Base near Frankfurt.

Planes allegedly operated by the C I A have been spotted at airports in Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden as well as Morocco.

The Dutch are due to deploy more than 1000 NATO troops in the high-risk Uruzgan province in Afghanistan in the spring, but are reconsidering in light of intelligence reports on the poor security situation.

There have been no indications that any landings occurred in Austria, which refused to grant the United States permission to use its airspace during the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

C I Ate it. And another 'C I Ate it', she has too.

Blair is allegedly member of the Studholme Freemasonic Lodge (1591 Studholme Lodge, not slut home sludge) which meets in the Cafe de Paris in London (not in a cafe in Paris). I did not know that one. Knights Templar, who would have guessed?

2 free masons 1 2 many, 1 2 free if you ask me.
33 degrees to hot damn free masons I C.
Get out of your coffin it's still to early.
Put back the skull you got out of the coffin. The skulls go in the coff in, taking them out is a sin. Damn.
You can fool some people sometimes but YOU can't fool all the people all the time.
Bob Marly Poet and a prophet.
Bob Marly taught me how to OFF I T.
Red hot chilli peppers. Green energy, the fire still burns.

Free masons are not allowed to say Yah Bul On, The name of the 'God' of free masonry Baal was the devil himself. It's from Hebrew and it means God of money, the root of all evil or something.but in reality the free masons worship Lucifer who was defeated by the Araleem.
The U S A has bombed 50 countries since the end of the second world war.
See video from remote viewer dot n u via Niburu dot n l.
Great info. The documentary is called The Illuminati.
Two words: Brit ish. Covenant man in Hebrew.
We may also use the idea The Eternal One and the Devil are not real, but only to save lifes.
The idea they BOTH do not exist can calm people down (which can be used to safe lifes: it is the highest mitsva to safe lifes, all 613 commandments may be broken to safe a life, except the 3 cardinal sins, Yoma 88B) and is sometimes needed to keep in touch with reality but I must warn: The Eternal One is real and is the merciful, the compassionate in dead He bestows life force, not the force behind all death but the creator of ALL forces, including (the devil =) death. The truth That's the lie is a lie made up to control the masses, keep them on their knees and killing fellow humans in the name of religions, even devil worshippers..
Goodness will not survive if the good do not slay the wicked.
Cain slew Able. Dead kind of story. Are they all turning into dust? Wake up, turn off the Carlyle teevee and turn on the web I'm 9 9 9 prologic, I see.
The people the disturbed devil worshipping skull digging sect members make sick to be able to sell more medicine could have worked for them and the supercomputer was programmed by humans, the program that lets the computer learn is man made.
It is very easy for someone with access to erase parts of the supercomputers memory and put in a prepared list of lies in the God Alter, nano flies.
I am a free thinker, not a free Masonic slave. Without the slave you could not be a master in the sense of slave-driver.
I think even the leaders have goodness inside that comes out now and a while, real love.
Love always wins.

See V P R O"s Tegenlikt site (clickable link, a must see) FOR MORE INFO ABOUT CARLYLE (owns Nozema, all Dutch channels and is involved in a 127 Billion dollar Robot Soldier project paid from your tax money, see this article for info about the 127 Billion dollar Swords B B C article. Devil worshippers hence: plow shares into 'Swords' and
The GWEN Towers positioned along the areas north of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers were turned on for 40 days and 40 nights, probably mocking the Flood of Genesis. (This was in conjunction with HAARP, that creates a river of electricity flowing thousands of miles through the sky and down to the polar ice-cap, manipulating the jet-stream , like The Woodpecker. These rivers flooded, causing agricultural losses of 12 to 15 billion Dollars. HAARP produces earthquakes by focusing on the fault lines. GWEN Towers are on the fault lines and volcanic areas of the Pacific Northeast.)

2009 WPR is back

The intelligence agencies are not behind it all.

Even at the bottom of the pyramid their can be people that send up waves that throw off the people on top.

They are all in the prison without bars, they are all mind controlled slaves, as long as they do not use a protective layer of shielding aluminum foil that protects against the harmful cancer micro wave radiation.
Just trying to write something stop shocking and interest Sting.

Blair is allegedly member of the Studholme Freemasonic Lodge (1591 Studholme Lodge) which meets in the Cafe de Paris in London. I did not know that one. Knights Templar, who would have guessed?

Check Niburu dot N L for more great info, prologics comments to articles and the peoples reaction to things happening lately, most of the site is in Dutch.
Ik doe al een tijdje Illuminazi research en het blijkt dat een hele kleine groep biljardairs het verstiert voor miljoenen mensen en mensen behandelt als kuddevee. Het blijkt dat de meerderheid nooit schedel heeft gegraven en normaal is en het is tijd om de zieke schedelgravende secteleden grondig aan te pakken en onze toekomst te verzekeren.
Zelfs de meerderheid van de amerikanen is tegen de manier waarop nazi-Bush that devil worshipair is omgegaan met de oorlog in Iraq en dat hun soldaten naar huis moeten, besmet of niet. (zie bovenstaande sijt voor New York Times Artikel)
Het valt op dat er nauwelijk informatie via audio wordt gegeven, veel teksten op het scherm. Klinkt dit niet als een promo? Luister nu naar world pies reediejo.
Toch wel goeie video, ik ben nu iets verder. Wat een lange!

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7/10/2008 - cee aai ee vluchten

Posted by Anonymous
ook in Tsjechie is de cee aai ee geland, met illegale vluchten
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