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2/10/2005 - -= Geronimo Petition =-

Petition to Repatriate Geronimo's Skull

Click on the picture below or here to visit the Repatriate Geronimo's Skull Petition.

Click on the picture for the Geronimo petition.
For Famous Indian Chiefs click here

Click on the above picture or here to visit the stop bush project site.

You can see someone is holding a shield that says:
Stealing Geronimo's skull was wrong,
put back Geronimo's skull in the grave
where Skull and Bones belong.

The site disappeared. If you know anything about why the site disappeared please mail me:

Click on Geronimo's picture above to visit the Geronimo petition site or here.
You can also visit to View Current Signatures or Sign the Petition any way.

Petition To Repatriate Geronimo's Skull Petition

    To:  U.S. Congress

    To the Congress of the United States of America,

    In 1918, the President's grandfather, Prescott Bush, and several accomplices desecrated the grave of Apache holy man Geronimo at Ft. Sill, OK. The men removed Geronimo's head and a prized silver bridle which had been buried with him. Using acid and amid laughter, they stripped Geronimo's head of hair and flesh. They then took their "trophies" back to Yale University and put them on display in the clubhouse of the secret fraternity "Skull & Bones."

    The "Skull & Bones" is a secret society founded at Yale in 1832. Its history is intertwined with that of the German Illuminati and the Nazi Party. They maintain a windowless building called "The Tomb" at 64 High Street, New Haven, Connecticut. The club's assets are controlled by a front company, The Russell Trust Association, Inc. Every year, 15 Yale juniors are "tapped" for Skull & Bones membership. They are indoctrinated into the cultish society with elaborate rituals steeped in satanic theatricism and latent homosexuality. The goal of this fraternity is to create the ultimate network of "good ol' boys" around the world. Their alumni includes Prescott Bush's son (George H. W.) and grandson (George W.) as well as heads of state and leaders of numerous intelligence agencies, trading companies, business empires and law firms.

    Several years ago, a Skull & Bones member anonymously "leaked" information regarding the society and "The Tomb." This included documents and photographs. One of the documents detailed Prescott Bush's graverobbing exploits. One of the photographs was of a skull and bridle on a shelf, next to a framed photograph of Geronimo. Other sources have since come forward and confirmed that Geronimo's skull is indeed on display in "The Tomb" and considered the "mascot" of this "club" on High Street.

    Although the Skull & Bones refuses to officially acknowledge their existence, members have tacitly admitted to possessing Geronimo's head. In fact, Skull & Bones members (including Jonathon Bush, the President's brother) met with Apache leaders in New York in 2000 and attempted to hand over a skull. It was obviously not the skull seen in the smuggled photograph. When this apparent substitution was exposed, the "Bonesmen" changed their story, saying the proxy skull was that of an Indian child.

    The Skull & Bones then threatened legal action if the documents and photos from "The Tomb" weren't returned immediately. They apparently had second thoughts, after realizing authorities might ask questions about the apparent abundance of Native skulls kept in New Haven. However, neither skull has been returned and that of Geronimo is apparently still the official mascot of the Yale club.

    We the undersigned are horrified with this display of elitist, racist witchcraft and ask Congress, with the assistance of whatever law enforcement necessary, to launch an immediate investigation into the theft and possession of human remains by the Skull & Bones society, the Russell Trust Association, Inc. and/or any members of the US Government involved, past or present.


    The Undersigned

View Current Signatures

3787 Total Signatures on sunday the twenty ninth of january 2006.

3789.    Matthew Kane     WMAT    ...Don't even know where to start and if I should at that.
3787. Uri I like the Holy Apache. America is officially owned by the Apache and other so called Indian tribes. Columbus stole their land. DAMN. 
Stealing Geronimo's skull was wrong. Put back Geronimo's skull in the grave where skull and bones belong.
3775. Melissa McGee Chippewa I am a Native American medical student and I find this kind of treatment of remains sick!

3773. Arlene Alonzo Laguna Just another example of genocide


3748. Jeannette P. Ward none This theft of human remains is unconscionable.

3744. Tobias Mathes   I am against Mr Bush

3740. Debra Penna-Fredericks   I have witnessed, first hand, the way this president's adminstration treats American Indians and now I understand where he learned his values. There is no excuse for the S & B club to keep anyone's skull or bones. Out of respect of all humanity, they must now act to rectify the bad actions of their ancestors and find a new tradition or trophy to replace this old one. 

3732. RuthAnne T. Serawop Northern Ute (Whiteriver band) As Native people, we were all taught to respect our elders and our families, we respect them now and even if they have gone before us. I consider Geronimo a part of my Native family so he deserves respect and should be treated in that manner.
3731. Sean Kirkpatrick   impeach Bush!
3730. Craig Charbonneau Fontaine Saulteaux ---Sagkeeng First Nation Very similar to Chief Joseph's skull used as an ashtray and doorstop in some doctor's office in the 60s. What ever came about that issue I have yet to find out. Yes,White America is rotton to the core.
3727. Dottie Krull Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin And they call themselves educated? Such actions reaffirm the depth of their cranial wasteland!
3726. Bill SeeThirtyOne Wannabe Nation Use N.A.G.P.R.A. since Bones is incorporated now and must recieve Federal Dollars

Looked up NAGPRA, it stands for Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, a Federal LAW passed in 1990.
Link to governmental NAGPRA site.
Link to
Watch out because the site might be used to prevent and track down people who want to see this act of sacriledge rectified by putting Geronimo's remains back in the original resting place we all have a right to go to.
This last right we have, we should not let the sick, disturbed skull diggers (Skullies) take away dead last right.
My advice is to put a blog or website on line describing the advancements of the empeachement case, of the people that robbed Geronimo's remains from the grave, the sick skull digging sect the american psycho president is a member off.
When you put the info on-line there is no need to kill you for the info any more, you can put in your will (testament) you want the site to remain on-line after if you would ever die. Also you can donate money and posessions to people you like and good causes like preservations and land for Indian Tribes People. Also arm yourself before taking steps like these, the government can be a mean vicious beast. Ninja Stars are not allowed in Europe but crossbows are. I advise people to operate within the law, wich skull digging was against. Oogh!
Sue them (written like that to be pronounced right by the speech engine: take them to court) and ask for compensation for emotional damages besides repatriation of Geronimo's skull.
The devil worshippers do not want to return Geronimo's remains to use the sick idea to put fear into people and the skullies in their so called Tomb lie about possessing Geronimo's remains. The punishment for the sacriledgeous act is the death penalty according to the 613 commandments in the Mishna since it was used in devil worshipping rituals which are forbidden by civil law. See NAGPRA.
You can also make your own Geronimo T-shirt, there is a lot of Geronimo Art On-Line.

3724. Danielle Jumbo Navajo Nation yet another act of genocide commited by not only our government but white america as well!
3723. E. Upton human Do what is right!
3722. Candice Benally Navajo This is disgusting!!!
3721. Tony Small Ute Please don't let this petition die.
3719. Ginni Salas   1 important step in making amends for centuries of wrongs done against First Americans,1 step in HEALING for ALL Our Relations.
3710. Carla L. Rael-Luhman   Our ancestors do not need to be further disrespected by your freakish-stab-in-the-back-Satanic-rituals which degrade ALL humanity!!! We demand the remains of ALL our ancestors, including Geronimo's, to be returned respectfully to tribal governments for proper burial! This is an outrage and a insult to ALL people in the U.S.A. and across the globe!!!! 
3709. Veronica Brown Rhinelander, WI Ho-chunk It's only right.
3708. Patricia Pauliot, Crandon, WI. Ho-Chunk- Potawatomi, Crandon, WI. Let him rest in peace. Give him back to his people!
3700. Gandalf the Webmaster of the Witchesweb Germany and Europ Witches, Wiccas, Neo - Pagans and esoterics of Germany and Europ Liberty, human rights, the adherence to all contracts, for all native of the USA, for all indians.

Prologic's comment: Yeah, let them enforce their law, put the skull back in the grave and pay a fine because the skull was stolen and use force if necessary to show stealing peoples skulls is just not done.

3699. Dawn M Tracz Seneca what kind of government perpetuates hate?
3694. chuck pease Human Clan Mitakuye Oyasin Hiyupi na tatohiyetakiya maunipe
3692. Hazel Chase   We have to protect our heritage, and human remains are not considered 'trophies'! That is total nonsense!
3688. Malene Smith Anishinaabe It's utterly applaulling that there are sick spirited people whom have extreme hate for themselves feeling inferior and stiil trying to project it on others. It is an ideology that has made N.A the hell that it is. Globally we have see this and the models that others use on developing countries 
3687. Darlene Ross Anishinaabe I can't even find the words to describe how monsterous people can be. On the other hand nothing they do really surprises me anymore because if you can try to wipe out a whole country of people and take their land and everything like culture that has meaning to them and actually celebrate US or Canadas Birthdays and say you are proud to be Canadian/American is ignorant. But when you are so narrow minded and short sighted you probably would not notice the horror placed upon such a giving, sharing, caring, beautiful peoples.
3686. Richard M Harrison None If they don't give it back... Take it Back!! I'll Help.

Prologics note: I will help to, if I can I would be most honored. The majority of people are still normal and against that dirty skull digging thing.

3685. James F Clark None This is a disgrace to all Americans.
3684. Ashley McKnight Cherokee That which is not yours does not belong with you.
3683. Tracy cooke   Its bad enough you crucified him, now in the name of all thats sacred in this tormented world, give back the skull, and give his soul the peace it deserves.
3682. Trudi Kelly   Give this great soul some peace
3681. Elizabeth King   I find this situation deplorable and demand anyone and everyone who is in a position to influence the repatriation of Geronimo's skull to begin taking the steps necessary. White people's heritage is shameful enough, this cannot continue!
3671. Constance Christian Spallumcheen/Shuswap I found this information very disturbing,This must be seen to, and dealt with!!!
3670. Leila Parker Three Affiliated I condemn any grave robbing activities by any organization!

Prologics note: it is a mitsva to rebuke the wrong doer. Stealing human remains is a sick act that should be punished severely. According to the holy Torah necromancers deserve the death penalty (still enforced in the U S). The Electric Chair is their to fry nazi-bush because about the holy Apache Geronimo's skull nazi bush does not care.
It is not my tax money any way, if you are a U S citizen Nazi Bush will make you pay.

3669. Linda Day none please confirm, publicize and rectify these unbelievably disrespectful acts

Pro's note: skull digging, agent orange in vietnam, aiding the nazi's, nuke king Hero she ma, mass murdering the Iraqi's depleted uranium war crime. Depleted uranium in your cranium stupid american insurgents suck up em radiation (electro magnetic radar cancer-micro-wave radiation).

3666. Toni Jarland Assiniboine/Sioux Let there Be Peace!

3663. Harvey Holmes Cherokee Blackfoot This doesn't surprise me at all !!!!
3662. Eunice M. Swartwood (Chandler)   It's one thing to disrespect somebody when they're alive, but to do it after death is another story. And we all know if it were that of a white man's, something would have been done a LONG time ago. I say do what's right and let the gentleman rest in peace. If you don't like my comment, oh well, IT"S MY OWN OPINION!!
3660. Delmar Boni San Carlos Apache(Bylas)black water/white water clan Yusun look upon these people that have done wrong to our great leader/forefather, of all native peoples one day there grandkids will say why did my grandpa do this wrong and they will learn from there grandfather's mistake and I pray for these people that have done this wrong to our beloved -GERONIMO and many others that have been done wrong to in this way, across the country/world wide -please creator great spirit foregive these people they don't know any better and put a blessing upon mankind to live in peace and harmony(yellow pollen to the four directions of life) aho -to all my relations
3658. Joan Holmes Cherokee This is HORRIBLE!
3651. Gwendolyn Morris(wolfwalks_withher) Nanticoke This gives me chills. Please do what is right to try and undo that which was unholy and unspeakable in the first place. all my relations
3646. Sheldon Brower Inupiaq of the Arctic Slope Give Geronimo peace & return back to his ppl.
3642. Fernando Silva Oneida/Iroquois White People suck!
3641. James Redford
3640. Tiana Thorstenson Oneida/Iroquois That is so disrespectful that they would do that. Do they think that the Apaches are idiots, not knowing the difference of a child's skull and a grown man's?
3639. Brandon Trujillo   Let's find the truth, first by returning the great "Geronimo" to his land, then you will answere the question of wether or not his grave was desicrated. The President should grant this if his family has nothing to hide.
3636. D. Fields   Apparently nothing is sacred to the Bush's and their ilk.
3635. Carol Hill White Mountain Apache With all that was replaced in regards to our culture, let our people fulfill our hero's request. Thank you.
3632. Kirby Thundercloud Ho-Chunk Stay Red
3631. Deborah Margolis   This is a terrible situation. We need to demand action immediately.
3630. neva zephier oglala lakota i'm not surprised
3625. Craig Martin Muckleshoot Please, right this wrong immediately!
3622. Karen Byers none It is obvious that this makes our government look awful. There are too many high-powered men who should stand up and stop this "tradition" of disrespect from continuing.
3618. Sampson Thomas Wolfe Muscogee Nation-Wind Clan Give it back!
3613. Jamie Jones  Pacheedaht I could only wonder at the response of a game in which the hero is Geronimo and was scalping the white settlers in which raped and killed off an entire generation of another race of people would be viewed and see how well it was recieved in the U.S. Congress. As I can only assume that some of the men and women seated are direct relatives of such a games targeted villians. 
3612. Jamie Jones Pacheedaht As appalled as I am at the making and approval of this game. Sadly I am not suprised at the availability of it, in a goverment that has no remorse for the awful pain it has bestowed on Natives in the past, present and with this game the future as well. I hope the makers, financers, and purchasers are ashamed of themselves.
3611. Gregory Malszecki   From 1491 until now, these continuing acts of utter disrespect, horrific genocide, and despicable theft need to be acknowledged through assumption of the guilt by the perpetrators and their cultural supporters as well as punitively compensated as is customary among the dominant American practices when intent to harm is demonstrated. In particular, Skull and Bones should have all its property appropriated and rendered for compensation, just as all members should shre teh guilt and legal punishments for these crimes against humanity, no matter what immuniyt they invoke. No one is above the law of human dignity as prime imperative
3606. Debra White   In order for Creator (God, the Most High) to actually "bless America", America must make RIGHT all of the WRONGS during the last 500 years!!!!!
3605. Randall C Johnson Tlingit/Tsimpsian I hope for the ultimate success of the return of the remains.
3604. paul henry Chippewa please show some respect 
3598. L. Staats Mohawk When are you Foreigners going to LEARN to RESPECT the rights of the ORIGINAL People of this land. Return Geronimo's remains.
3597. Lynny Cordes   The return of this great leaders' remains is long overdue! Send him home and let him rest in peace!
3591. L.A. Daniels Squamish Nation Stop the insanity...and take responsibility
3589. Miranda Moore Anishnabe Rest In Peace Geronimo 
3584. Mary Ellen Freeland Tahitian/Hawaiian by marriage honor our Native Americans 
3577. Janet Sanchez Seneca Our people should have the rights to our ancesters Bones and Remains. To give propper burrial and respect.
3576. Seairra Courtemanche   Natural Law always prevails! In Kindergarden we share with the children: "do not take anything that is not yours without asking". The Children listen: It looks like these "academic's" need to go back to kindergarden and remember who they are.
3575. Josie Yellow Sicangu  Make the right choice! Do what you know is right! What was done is outrageous, how disrespectful.
3574. Kahsenni:io Cayuga Nation It's things like this that make me sick, to know that in this day and age some still are continuing to be the same ignorant people 
3573. Debbie Brill    
3572. kelly hearn Lakota first of all i would like to say this skull needs to be returned its a lack of human decency that would allow things like this to continue. its a slap in the face of indian people to allow atrocities like this to continue. the american gov which follows its header one nation under god apparently is rulled by hypocrisy to the core. its ideasstand for nothing more then rape pillage and murder this is just one of the many continuing atrocities happening to the native people. it is understood that a nation under god would follow its priniples but what principles does a skull on a shelf have to a bunch of boys playing god in thier war room. let it be reminded that my voice is one but we are many and we will continue in struggle. DO WHATS RIGHT BEEOTCH .

3569. Rev. Mark Perry   This type of behaviour brings shame to all white people. 

Prologics note: amen reverend and even more shame to that nazi-bush clan. The reverend could be a skullie as well, and so could I, but proba billy not, thank God. Don't let the skullies speak their lies, talk truth and obstruct their foul words in any way you can. We are still the majority of innocent civilians man!

3566. Tim Denis-Pollard Cacouna Maliseet First Nation/Quebec Honor the treaties, return all remains, and when you (Ottawa and Washington) open your mouths: Speak the truth! (novel idea, eh?)
3565. Georges Thomas Manuel Jr. secwepemc (Shuswap) It's such a shame when situations such as this are brought to the attention of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. It just goes to show the disrespect of the peoples of caucasian descent. It also goes to show just how little they care about our significant historical leaders. We surely never see our heroes made into statues which is carried out by the various gov'ts when their heroes kill us mentally, physically and emotionally and are made into a monument or holiday

3560. Petra Angpao Kalinga Tribe Return Geronimo's skull and belongings immediately

Prologic's note: the penalty for necromancing is the death-penalty.

3555. Rosemieke van Hauwe The Netherlands, Europe what if I keep their family skulls to fool with??


3552. Joshua  Tsalagi and Yaqui They keep messing with our people... even the ones who have already past on. Stop these people. ~Native Resistance~

3550. Jimmie Packhorse Sr. Ponca If this is true it belongs to the Apache people and no one else!!

3548. Jeffery R.( Runs with Thunder)Stevens CWY Desicration of graves is a crime

3545. Lucy Wietzema Tewa The souls of these horrible men will burn in hell
3544. Lucy Wietzema Tewa The souls of these horrible men will burn in hell
3543. richard leigh   Time to end racism in the White House
3541. Gil & JSilverbird Nedhni Apache/Cherokee The USA is horrified by " Iraqui INSURGENTS beheading" intruders to THEIR COUNTRY. America should be aware that In 1918, the present President's grandfather, Prescott Bush desecrated the grave of Apache holy man Geronimo at Ft. Sill, OK. I for one, that have respect for Christianity and all other Faiths, believe there should be ABSOLUTE RESPECT for the buried remains of the deceased. Think, before you comment, how you would feel, if one of your own family members was desecated in this horrible manner!
3540. kelly corbelle    
3539. Ellen Marie Sands Pottawatomi and Chippewa let's put an end to filling all chldren with ideas of discrimination of any kind
3538. Franco Meli   America should come to terms with her heart of darkness
3536. Terry Wofford   It is disgraceful that this contiues today, but just shows that money is all that counts

3532. Colin K. Jordan Oneida We Should just break in there and reclaim Geronimo and give him a proper burial

That would be a commandment (a mitsva) and I have not seen any american fullfill a mitsva while I was in Florida, so just break in there and put back the skull the grave robbers stole from the original inhabitants of the U S with their great wig wam.

3531. Ray Ropata Maori (New Zealand) Why am i not surprised all govternments around the world do stupid things to indigenous peoples...what goes around comes around and i would hate to be in their shoes when the forefathers pay them a visit!
3526. Chancey L. Chrisjohn Oneida Nation You will not see any Natives digging up dead president remains. Respect and honor is what it comes down to, to which the US as a whole has none.
3522. Karen StarCloud Cherokee And they call us savages!
3521. Norma Spence Ojibwe, Manitoba, Canada What goes around comes around.
3516. Shirley Miller Oneida Nation The white race has alot to answer for. Will God's grace be withheld on the day of reckoning? I sure hope so.
3514. Tama Cates Hopi Tribe why is it when a situation involves the disrespect of a Native American there is always understanding for the guilty party to why they did what they did? Native Americans deserve more respect than anyone living in this country. 
3512. Amy Groleau   What else might be in their "collection?"

3510. john hill   for the sake of truth and fairness
3509. john hill   for the sake of truth and fairness
3508. Sharon Hardy Married to an Ontario Ojibway The redneck government view on this matter should not be allowed.
3507. negda rivera none, just from my heart! act now!
3493. Sari Lerat Cowessess First Nations Its not right! 
3491. marcel martin Cree one day, we as first nations will have enough and we will act in return. We will act in a way which will redefine anger and we will act out of dis-respect to those who do not understand what it is to be civilized and honorable.
3486. Darryl W. Moore Nisga'a I'm extremely offended
3482. Ronnie Phillips Caddo of Oklahoma Give it back to the sprit world
3477. Shelley Paul Woodstock First Nation, Maliseet This really enrages me, What a travesty!!!
3476. Tracey Airoso    what is wrong with americanz 
3473. Aaron Tootoosis Tribe Cree Nation I believe in rightousness
3471. Mary Melissa Jennings Sac and Fox The Bush family has not evolved over the last couple of hundred years and they call us savages!!!!
3470. John Myerchin   This matter can never be dropped. Those effete, sanctimonious, brats who have desecrated a noble Native American's grave must not be allowed to continue.
3469. Theresa (Hart) Perley Maliseet Nation Traditional Turtle Clan
3468. Edith Hodges aka WalkSlowWoman Cherokee Decent NATIVE AMERICANSIT IS TIME FOR US TO TAKE A STAND. It doesnt matter if you are full blooded or a half breed, or if you have just a trace of Native American heritage. It is time we let the PEOPLE know we have rights too. Return our Brothers Skull so He can rest in peace. Stop desecrating our burial grounds. Stop treating the Native Americans as savages. You are the savages to dig up and display our Ancestors bones. I say RETURN Them. Bring Peace to our Nation. Our Great Nation of the United States of America. 
3467. Mike Rosemond Mescalero Apache This is disgusting but not surprising since the President of this country has no honor nor do the people who are affilliated with this whole scenario
3466. mike   stupid people. I just hope that the native americans can forgive and not think that every whiteman is like this. F*** skull and bones. Lets get this done!!!!!!!
3465. RaeAnn Crane Umatilla  
3464. Linda Wiggins MicMac ancestry great Maternal, great great Paternal grandmothers.. what they did is no different than grave robbing, if they went into a graveyard and dug up a grave nowadays they'd be held responsible, far as I'm concerned their frat, should be disbanded if all that's been happening is true..
3459. Mark Pierce none Big money always covers up for the brothers/sisters of Big Money. Let's stop the coverups for all people!
3456. Johnny Hamilton III Of Irish and indian decent  "Have you ever seen a Pissed off Irish/Indian"
3454. Kathleen M Cevette   Native Americans respect the remains of those who have died. This so called "Elite' group demeans themselves and shows ignorance instead of intelligence.Geronimo's spirit far outshines these vile creatures!
3451. Carol J. Gerard   The horrific barbaric treatment of this great man is unconscionable!
3445. Regina M. Tsosie Dine' (Navajo) "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" . . . . as evidenced in the turbulent times of the current administration.
3439. Joseph Schuchert Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve All in good faith, the Apache request must be respected
3437. Charlotte S. Damon Navajo This is downright outrageous! Were these people not taught respect? Of oneself as well as others?! And of all people to be named in this, President Bush and his forefathers. What a shame! As president now, only he can undo what was wrongfully done and make it right so this Honorable Indian Chief can rest in peace. Amen!
3427. LuAnn Braley Cherokee The story sounded so extraordinary, I did some digging of my own (online) in order to attempt to ascertain the veracity of the claim. The fact that I have signed shows that I found sufficient evidence to believe the claim.
3419. Tamara Venus Star Navaho and Hopi activist Sacred ways need respect!
3418. Tamara Sindorf   I am appaulled! Fraternity drunkeness!
3417. Evelyn Ross Dena'ina Athabaskan This is horrible
3413. William Charles Tinker ALGONQUIAN This is a desecration of a Native American's grave and a sacrilege. How would you like it if we dug up all your dead presidents and did this?
3412. Paulette C. Begay Navajo Native Americans need to be respected! Please return Geronimo's Skull so, he can rest in peace...
3410. Dr. Ruben Botello Chicano Skull & Bones members are not only graverobbers, they are mass murderers, torturers, rapists and thieves.
3409. Vince Does it matter. No white person would respect their elders remains unburied and displayed before the whole world to see. Another example of how America still holds onto past reflection of hate motivated activity of their so call Hierarchical scale.
3407. Elliott Talgo,Sr. San Carlos Apache Tribe I support the petition drive
3406. John M. Sneezy San Carlos Apache Tribe until you do the Indian people right everything you do will fail!
3399. LCpl Charwood, Samuel R. USMC Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, Minnesota Have some respect for those that have passed away, return the skull to Geronimo's body if in fact it does belong to him. If it does belong to someone else, then give it back to whoever's body it was stolen from.
Prologic's note: carbolic acid should be re cycled.

3393. Tami Jennings Cherokee/Cheyenne I think This is a Very Sick Display Of Humanism. Doesnt Surprise Me But Sickens Me !
3392. janice truitt, shining way woman, 5 nations non tribally registered 5 nations i know white people 'get off' on strange, why not dig up some famous/infamous white man's skull to replace geronimo's
3391. sue achord cherokee mix blood dear mr. president, years of injustice can not be undone by you, or you be responsible for your families acts--but you as president of THE UNITED STATES could be a civilized man and take a step forward into 2006 and set an example of doing the right thing--you do represent this nation as a whole- honor should be a priority to our president and our congress-if you have no honor how can you lead.we as a suppose to be civilized nation-do the right things in 2006. we move forward from mistakes and LEARN, HEAL and hope for better tomorrows-congress you need to view this and if you can do right by all people of this nation--money and power does not buy heaven, not honor, and not the people-it does not hurt to do right things--if it hurts you the president or congress to do the right things--you are not worthy of being leaders or parents--what do you pass the children-just start doing the right thing. may the spirits of our forefathers come and bring you insight and compassion. 
3388. Warren Reiter Menominee / Oneida Nations of Wisconsin I find that totally disturbing. It needs to be returned back to its resting place.

3383. Elsie Dean Women's International League for Peace & Freedom Vancouver British Columbia Canada honour not possession is the true spirit of life
Prologic's note: their honour is gone now, don't worry, be snappy.

3368. Michelle Cree Ojibwe Let's start living with mutual respect and begin by repatriating Geronimo's Skull.
3367. Michelle Cree Ojibwe Let's start living with mutual respect and begin by repatriating Geronimo's Skull.
3363. :Yvette-John / White-Plume-Woman  St:l First Nation Healing to take place, let the spirit rest and the blood line grow. May he go home soon. 
3360. John   They should return the human remains!
3359. Kathy Rodeman   If this is true, it makes me sick!
3358. Shonna Oneida Tribe of Indians of WI  
3357. Lisa Rauschenbach Oneida I think that there is something very wrong with this.
3354. Dorothy Ninham oneida Why are we surprised? The same mentality exists today.
3350. Faye Ninham Oneida Then they call us savages! What a Shame.
3348. robert l kreuser oneida shame
3346. Marie Labelle American Native... This is an Outrage, this warrior deserves respect, and this behavior is totaly unacceptable . What does that tell our children?
3341. Rachel McCraw Tutelo (Virginia) & Mingo This is truly shameful behavior.
3340. Paula Fish Oneida (Wisconsin)  
3339. Christopher Cass None. I'm Irish, German, Scots, English We MUST value and respect Native American issues such as this.
3338. carl wayne owens white Its a sad day in America when it takes a petition to retrieve a mans' remains that were dug up and illeagaly stolen.If that happened to one of my loved ones id problabl <
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-=000 WorldPeaceRadioBlog 000=- About human rights, the latest news concerning subjects such as mindcontrol, energy weapons, shielding your holy brain with aluminum foil, nuclear contamination, Dulce New Mexico, the depleted uranium war crime, how to stop the herassment and links to the best web sites out there on the web. The dates on the articles are not correct, articles dated 2005 where usually written and edited in 2006. The most important articles are on top and near the bottom of this page and you can click on direct link to view a particular article from the list below.

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-= The Things No No No Knows =-
-= Evidence =-
-= Energy Weapon I Was Attacked With =-
Podcast Feeds
Image NY Times Nazi-Bush polls Majority disapproves of Bush's handling of Iraq
Image Arrest Nazibush Now
Depleted Uranium UN Resolutions
-= The Resistance =-
-= Depleted Uranium Cloud Reached Europe and Great Brittain =-
S S Treuelied melody = Wilhelmus melody
-= Free Energy NOW !!!!! =-
999prologic999 blog2blog dot n l Image Handy-Fashions dot com Hat Shielding Factor
Zapatopi Testimonial The M I T study is a hoax
-= Tinnitus caused by micro wave hearing - allumination =-
-= Protect Childrens Bedrooms With Aluminum Foil =-
-= Mind Control Patents =-
-= Microwaving Blood Transgresses Right To Physical Integrity =-
-= THE ONE =-
Wiki 'tinfoil hat' article is misleading
Voice to skull perpetrators
Tabwater Poisoned?
Effects ionising radiation on DNA
Microwave Radiation Changes Blood Structure
Overview Blood Changes Caused By Cancer Microwave Radiation
Cannabis shrinks tumors & Cannabis in the Torah
Image Cannabis in the holy Torah: Kneh Bosaym
Image Kneh Bosaym Cannabis in the Torah/Bible and Mesh in the background
John Lennon Petitions
Depleted Uranium WOMD - Dulce New Mexico Video
Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse
Mind control patents used to read the unprotected mind end the Alien Hoax
-= Image Tree of life prologic version =-
Kabbalah Summary
-= Stop Dulce, New Mexico =-
Ban Robot Soldiers Worldwide
Image Nuclear_Waste.PNG
+ The dirt on the Red Cross +
Saddam is innocent
-= Saddam is Innocent Part 2 =-
-= Image: The Beast In Brussels In E U Building ? =-
C I A's 'Black Sites' Prisons: interrogated beyond the confines of international law.
-= Nuclear Reactors Of The World Plus Imagery =-
Chernobyl Video Tshernobyl's Radioactive Cloud reached the U.S.
Image Kerncentrales in Europa naar 0
Dulce Theory
Image Baby-alien takenfromkidzworlddotcom
Smart Dust original from Drooker dot com Smart Dust
Image Self Aware Robots Take Over
Latest links - info on how to track the perps
Images John Lennon Petition Banners
-= Geronimo Petition =-
-= Return Geronimo's remains EVIDENCE =-
-= The Beast =-
-= Continue Reading The Beast part 2 =-
-= The devil worshipping new world order that has to hide itself =-
-= Never go to a Shrink, NEVER =-
VOICEMORPHING end voice to skull
Petitions Repatriate Geronimo's Skull SIGN


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