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-= Prologic's Blog: THE WorldPeaceRadioBlog WPRB =-

1/12/2005 - -= Nuclear Reactors Of The World Plus Imagery =-

The radio-active cloud reached Maastricht, The Netherlands the thirtieth of april 1988 at 1600 hours.
By the fourth of may the Netherlands was completely covered by the radio-active cloud.
The seventh of may 1600 hours the wint had removed the radio-active cloud from the Netherlands.
Vegetables which are prone to radio-active pollution such as spinache where removed from supermarkets.
(wint is spelled with a letter T to be pronounced right by your speech engine)

This image is shown to illustrate countries have been working together to hide the attroceties those countries have committed, the perp U S pirate number one.

Click on the screen-shot picture to watch the video.

Perhaps we will never know if intelligence from other countries orchestrated the Chernobyl accident (not pointing any fingers).
On the list of nuclear accidents from wiki you can see lots of countries had nuclear accidents and evidence has been massively hidden from the public to prevent people claiming compensation for damages.
Possibly other accidents where even more harmfull toxic radiation was spread have not even been documented.

The amount of nuclear reactors in the world:
Shows the amount and locations of the nuclear reactors on the planet, known as earth.

As of October 31, 2005, there are 104 commercial nuclear generating units that are fully licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) the United States has the most nuclear capacity of any nation.

Table 1: Nuclear Reactors of the World.
There are 442 reactors in operation at civilian nuclear power plants in 30 different countries around the world.
Nuclear Engineering International, World Nuclear Industry Handbook 1996, Surrey 1996
The real amount of reactors is higher because there are a lot of submarine and research reactors in this world.
347 Submarine Nuclear reactors, 442 Nuclear power plant reactors and 292 Research reactors but this info is from around 1995.

There are currently 1118 nuclear reactors in the world of which 280 are for nuclear research, while another 400 are used in ships and submarines for producing power. The remaining 438 nuclear reactors are used for generating electricity, of which 104 are in the US, 59 in France, 53 in Japan, 29 in Russia, and 19 are in Germany. Between 1974, when Iran signed her first agreement for building nuclear reactors, and 2000, use of nuclear reactors for generating electricity has increased by a factor of 12!
There are currently 1118 nuclear reactors

My advice is make your nation strongest by:
1) Making your nation the physically healthiest nation in stead of making your working force sick to sell more medicine.
2) Sharing the information hidden from the public at present and educating the people how to protect themselves against attacks with energy weapons Russia, the U S, China, India, Japan and other countries have at present.
Educate your nation to become the smartest nation.
3) Legalize cannabis, the countries that legalized cannabis (there are some) will be making a lot of money from taxes on pre-pakked joints to be sold in the supermarket. Also the quality and the strength of the cannabis can than be controlled by cultivation of certain species using the super computer and governmental top secret projects.
4) Using green types of energy that do not leave any waste and recycle plastic and batteries.

The state could cultivate cannabis with less consciousness expanding propertease.

Remember devil worshippers lie whenever possible or whenever the devil worshippers think they have to lie, which is the truth.

This article is also used to warn people Ayca Sirkeoglu is or was a red cross devil worshipper and Hilde Vietor both caught my sperm in their mouth and Hilde also made a lot of promisses she did not keep, she promissed me she'd buy an air-cleaner but did not (for example) and therefore she could also be a red cross devil worshipper that drinks blood.
At least we where engaged and I never had sex without a condom other than spraying my sperm in their mouthes.

This article is from a later date than the article below but I leave the original articles on line so people still find the same info when they come back another day.

Some interesting photo material from the web:

Dulce, New Mexico, facility Map.

Dulce Hilton.

Elite Network From Mindcontrolforums dot com

Philidelphia Experiment from softwareartist dot com (could be fake)

A must See: Project Freedom
(click on this project freedom with the right mouse button to open the page in a new window)

Menwith Hill, Yorkshire, England
Note: The domes are used to hide the direction in which the satellite dish is standing.

All photos have been spread over the web, so I realize I am not the only person who recognizes the value of this material.

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28/2/2009 - Holy SHIT

Posted by Anonymous
Wow!! Hoe bestaat het!!!!
Ongelooflijk waar je allemaal achter kan komen
als je geen zonlicht krijgt
leven zonder zonlicht
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