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2/10/2005 - -= The devil worshipping new world order that has to hide itself =-

The devil worshipping new world order that has to hide itself

The following is a list of people killed by the devil worshipping new devil worshipping world order behind the scenes, because they have to hide themselves since they are murderers.
The names are understandable, even for english readers.

Pim Fortuyn, Theo van Gogh, Louis Seveke. Allemaal slachtoffers van dezelfde groep. In Muno Belgie wordt volgens verschillende bronnen iedere dag een kind geofferd en zou Al Gore aan bloed verslaafd zijn en helemaal geen hemofeliepatient zijn (David Icke, Fritz Springmeyer).

Kurt Cobain (kan zichzelf niet dood hebben geschoten na zichzelf te hebben geinjecteerd met een drievoudige dosis heroine).

Michael Hutchence, Herman Brood. Probably suicide programming was used on both because they where getting to popular. Michael supposedly hung himself and Herman supposedly jumped.
Perhaps auto-erotic asphyxiation according to unsolved mysteries (click here for unsolved mysteries) so it might have been a murder made to look like it was a suicide.

Christopher Reeve, a k a 'The Real Superman', was ook een slachtoffer van de Illuminatee, veel links naar plaatjes zijn verdwenen. De man was duidelijk zeer gezond en aantrekkelijk en werd te gevaarlijk en mocht geen roet in het eten gooien van de duivelsaanbiddende nieuwe wereldorde achter de schermen.
Christopher's weduwe heeft nu longkanker, volgens dit artikel (tip: een luchtzuiveringsmachine met ionizator):
John Denver. Woonde dicht bij de Amerikaanse Beast Computer, Rocky's Colorado. Ook hij ten prooi gevallen aan de stralingswapens van de Illjoemien nazi's. Hij had zelfs een liedje over de Beast, Grandma's feather bed, maar er zijn maar weinig mensen die dat weten (6 plus 12 is 18).

Yitzak Rabin werd vermoord vanwege zijn oprechte wil vrede te creeeren, evenals prinses Diana en J F Kennedy.

Verder zouden ook Arafat, President Ronald Reagan June 5 2004, A. Szandor Lavey, Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) en Maurice Gibb slachtoffers zijn van de straling, hoewel sommigen van hen ook duivelsaanbidders en Bohemian G rovers blijken te zijn, van wie je het het minste zou verwachten.

Een video die een standbeeld van een spin in de lobby van het Internationaal Gerechtshof in Den Haag laat zien.

Laat mij s.v.p. weten of de spin er echt staat, als hij er staat zijn er mensen die foto's op internet weren.
I did not know there was a 38 foot tall black widow statue in the world court lobby, in the Hague, The Netherlands untill I watch the video Ill u me nazi 9 11 on http:// R I N F dot com. 28 minutes 45 seconds. I have not found a picture of the huge spider statue that is obviously in the building, though I have searched almost han hour.
The Hague is spelled wrong, so let me know if it's realy there, the spider. Also let me know if you know what rinf stands for, real info or something?
At the end of the video it is like you can hear the black widow cry.

Also check if your german is allright.

Voor meer info:

George Bush himself, the paedophile, ritual child killer,
mass murderer and Satanist, is a very close friend of the Windsors. The Queen made him
an Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, as she did with that
Brotherhood script-reader and rapist of mind controlled slaves, Ronald Reagan, himself a
product of mind control. This is the highest award it is possible for her to give to
someone outside the Commonwealth. The Order of the Bath sounds a silly title unless
you understand the symbolism. The resurrection bath of alchemy symbolises rebirth and
purification or absolution. Baths are given to Masonic `Knights of the Bath' before they
perform horrendous deeds, hence `blood baths'

The technique of the Illuminati is problem-reaction-solution.
9 11 was Nazi-Bushes Reighstag, the W Trade Center bombings have been used as an excuse to attack the innocent Iraqi's to rob them of their cancer-oil.
First the NeoCondoleza regime creates another problem in stead of solving the problems there are already, to keep the populace busy and to create in the populace a need for a leader to lead them on a stadvast course out of the deep shit the americans are in. Because they are devil worshippers they have different ideas of what the problem is. The problem, for example the World Trade Center exploding, creates a pre planned fear and panic reaction in the public and portrays the U S as a victim in stead of the agressor trying to lure the attention of the public away from the American insurgents fighting their cancer-oil war with depleted uranium, thus committing a war crime. The prepared solution: blaming innocent people who are a danger to them for a crime terrorists would have committed.
Nazi Bush and his regime are the terrorists, Nazi Bush is a dictator in it's purest form, the caliber Hitler was. The Americans had no choice, the presidential candidates where both Skullies.
Off-Course of course.

Read David Icke's: The Biggest Secret.

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