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-= Prologic's Blog: THE WorldPeaceRadioBlog WPRB =-

2/10/2005 - WAR GAMES

War games.

The message about cancer micro wave satellites that attacked prologic on his tomb stone pro wrote in his last will, his testament. Prologic advises getting your medical files and making your last will (testament) so your money and car do not end up in the wrong hands.

Nazi bush, that terrorist, that skull digging sect member should be arrested, now!

Air cleaner.
you can not hear the nano fly in the back ground, listen how quiet it is. Darpa. Carlyle Group.

Windows media encoder was disconnected by perpetrators again.
Someone broke off the previous transmission again (third time the encoder got disconnected, backups of the shows are kept).
Working on securing tha connection.

Nothing is what it seems?

A short history of the United States:
1) Stealing the country of the holy Apache Indians, Prescot Bush Digging up Geronimo's skull and applying carbolic acid liberally to get remaining flesh of the skull and take the skull to Yale university, the tomb of the skullies.
18 61 - The Apache indian nation declares war on the USA. The holy Apaches are the original inhabitants of what is now known as the U S A.
2) Nazism made Nazi-bush family fortune. Herbert Parmet writes: "In the summer and fall of 1942, Congress, under the authority of the Trading With the Enemy Act, seized the first group of entities, the U B C, the Holland-American Trading Corporation, and the Hamburg-American Line. Buchanan's diligence has discovered that the latter 'reportedly smuggled Nazi spies into the U.S. before the war and encouraged U.S. 'Patriots' to travel to Germany and proselytize for Hitler in the early 1930s.' Much of this is confirmed by the new documentation. The  U B C was not a 'bank' at all but 'in reality a clearing house' for many assets and enterprises held by Fritz Thyssen, a German steel magnate who has written about his role in helping to finance the Third Reich. Located close to Bush's 59 Wall Street office, it was 'founded in 1924 by W. Averell Harriman on behalf of Thyssen and his Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart N. V. of Holland.'"
3) Nuked Heroshima, Nagasaki.
1945 - First Atomic Bombs used in war are dropped on Heroshima and Nagasaki by the USA.
4) Agent orange in vietnam.
1961 - U.S. and South Vietnam sign aid treaty and U.S. military support troops are sent to assist them in the war against North Vietnam.
5) The depleted uranium war crime in Iraq, see U N resolution 1996 16.
still working on the list.

This is just a game, the object of the game is defeating the U S.
You can download the game for free.
You know, that nuke em game.

Note: Before you read the following we from World Peace Radio make absolutely clear we are against the use of any weapons, but for devil worshippers that need to do evil any way we wrote this plan to prevent millions of innocent civilians from being murdered.
We advise sabotaging any weapons and are against the weapons of mass destruction the U S A illegally possess, which is a form of stealing and therefore against the law, even against the Torah, you could end up in jail or worse, so don't do I T.

We are against nuclear winter and for saving the maximum number of lifes, so:

The idea is not to declare war, the Americans also did not declare war to the Iraqi's since that would have been against several important laws. The idea is thus disguising your submarines, planes, and other weapons as american.
Targets to attack to take control over the world
1) Washington. Bunker buster bombs or chemical/biological weapons, gas.
2) Underground military bases (see map), Bunker buster or gas.
3) Earth quake trigger weapon, montauk. They are planes. Explosives.
4) Satellite dishes, up links used for strategic defence. (the idea is sending people voices is not allowed): Explosives.
5) Haarp and phased aray antenna's used to do global mind control. Explosives.
6) B 52 bases,missile bases to prevent contamination of our planet. Explosives, gas.
7) Mobilize society to go after the few remaining skull digging sect members.
Using biological and chemical weapons that are undetectable the americans will not know who or what hit them.

The idea here is giving humanity back their freedom by taking out the sick skull diggers by attacking their weapons systems and mind control equipment in stead of nuking the states completely, thus saving the maximum number of innocent civillians who could work for you and would want to, if you give them back their freedom.
Commandments that apply to the sick devil worshipping americans:
412. Not to accept money from a murderer to redeem him from the death penalty (see 413).
515. Not to permit necromancers to exist among the people (see 62, 510-514).
These are the 613 commandments as stated in
Mishnayoth volume VII, supplement & index, Second Edition,
Revised, Corrected, Enlarged by Philip Blackman F.C.S., Judaica Press 1990.

18:5 Keep My decrees and laws, since it is only by keeping them that a person can (truly)live. I am God.
truly live
(cf. Ralbag). This teaches that one may violate any commandment of the Torah to save a life (Yoma 88b). The only exceptions are the three cardinal sins: idolatry, murder, and sexual crimes (Sanhedrin 74a).

The americans are using Israel to hide behind and the americans are trying to play palestines political parties against each other to weaken palestine.

Poppin em, electro magnetic radiation. It's just a song.
Always strive for higher peace.
The Grid.

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