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2/10/2005 - -= Continue Reading The Beast part 2 =-

The doctor never pulled the last petal off for us, but we cant forget how he teased us. He smiled and walked away, NO, I LOVE YOU. and walked away."

If we use L=I love you and N=I love you not we can build the following matrix for the internal computer: L N L N L N 1 2 3 4 5 6  2 3 4 5 6 1 3 4 5 6 1 2 4 5 6 1 2 3 5 6 1 2 3 4 6 1 2 3 4 5 This type of configuration can even be tied to color programming, and to dominoes, where the numbers are represented as the dots on a domino. By making numbers into dots--the numbers can be represented by lights in the same patterns of black domino dots. This means that dominos can be used to program a child, and who would suspect anything about dominoes? Another thing that lends itself well to use as a programming code are a deck of cards. Many slaves have this. It can be tied in with the Alice In Wonderland story. When cards are used, a section (also called a world or city) of alters will be given its own computer. To access that computer, a code consisting of several things including 2 cards can be used.

In review of what Chapter 4 said about codes, often double codes are employed--what is meant by that is that suppose we have 13 important alters in a section. They will designate each of these "A" alters. Then they number them each 1 through 13. But then they will double code them so that as we count up, we also count down. Then they attach a generic level number to them, say 2,000. So putting this together we have Emerald Green 2001-13a for our first alter, then next is Emerald Green 2002-12a, the next is Emerald Green 2003-11a, and so on. Then the magical name of the alter or the Tribal name of the alter can be attached onto this to complete an access code.  While it seems perhaps complex at first, all an alter is remembering is a color, a common section no. and their rank no. and their file letter, and their magical name. (The name to pull them up--will not be their name for public use.) Alice In Wonderland, the Wizard of Oz and the Tall Book of Make Believe played a fundamental role as "software" in a System. The Wizard of Oz stories are often used to show how & what structures to put in the small victims internal world.

The stories even teach HOW to create an internal world and its parts. Some of the T.V. shows & movies, which served as Monarch programming scripts (i.e. the software) include:

Batman  Bewitched  Bobbys World Cartoons (deliberate triggers)  Dameon/Omen movies  Disney movies (all of them, some with deliberate triggers)  Duck Tails Cartoon (deliberate triggers)  ET (used in alien programming)  Fantasy Island (deliberate triggers)  Ghost Busters (used for "who ya gonna call" theme)  Love Boat (used for mind control of cruise prostitutes)  My Fair Lady (finishing school for slaves, such as Youngstown, OH)  Star Wars  Steven King Horror Movies  Tiny Toons Cartoons of Steven Speilberg (deliberate triggers)  Wizard of Oz movies  Some of the books which were used as programming scripts, which havent been mentioned yet, are the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Egyptian Book of the Dead (satanic rituals follow closely the rituals of the Egyptian Book of the Dead), Steven King novels, & Wilbur Smiths. The Mother Goose nursery rhymes were used prolifically for internal codes in slaves.

  Now that we have discussed the widely used "soft ware" available to the programmers, we dont want to forget the root program, the tree which was used as a method of organizing the various programs, just like a computers subdirectories branch out more subdirectories. If the programming is tampered with, the slave will want to cut the tree--however, since the tree is in them, this means they will want very badly to cut their arms, especially their veins.  The programming is not guarded as much as the computers. Everything guards the BEAST computer including deaf alters who have to be communicated with using a hand number code system. Such a code might resemble finger signing 1,2,3,4,5,10 = 15 & following this with a shutdown code which simply reverses the access equation. Surrounding the central All-seeing-eye will be alters & programs with insanity, fear, hopelessness, cutting, burning, aloneness, etc.

Strong demonic forces are attached to these alters & programs. They also can trigger the slave to have abusive behavior as punishment. A System is given a life force which is able to regenerate a system, the jokers who protected the programming, and you have the alpha-numeric codes, the cards, and dominoes (represented by a dice) that formed the access codes to parts of the System.  The alters will often feel the heartbeat (which may be an alter) associated with the computer. In the background is a Luciferian blue light. This Satanic light empowers the Joker. It along with the Joker and the internal programmers give a System the ability to regenerate itself. One can shut down internal computers which run programming to the levels of the System using the same codes that the original programmers use, but until one also takes care of the 13 Jokers & the faceless white-coated programmers who control the Omega Programming, then the back up computers can regenerate the programming & rebuild the system.


If the computers are given cards as access codes--it works in well to create Jokers who are wild cards within the system, which can imitate anything. The Jokers have a Luciferian form. Luciferian is the term that the programmers used. This means that it is spirit. Because the Jokers are Spirit, they can take any form they need to and they can do what they want to do, until they are bound & cast out with the rest of their hierarchy of demons. The Jokers will pop up when a victim tries to study the codes & programming that direct that victims life. Around this cult core are the jewels (which are the programs the dwarfs mine). Remember the story of Snow White and the Seven dwarfs? Also swirling around Silence are ribbons which we will discuss later.

TREES. The trees bud at certain times. This is one way the imagery of the tree to connect to the time that rituals are to happen. If the tree is barren of leaves (no programs--i.e. deprogrammed), then the system is to grow more leaves.

C. Internal Hierarchies

The programmers build chains of command within the groups of alters that they create. They credit themselves with bringing order out of chaos. When a system of multiple personalities thinks of rebelling, they are in the similar situation as a colony wanting freedom from its mother country.  Can we govern ourselves, and what governing structures can we keep--since the structure itself is colonial? Can the mind work together to help itself? The concerns are legitimate questions. And yes, the multiples mind can function outside of the control of the programmers hierarchial arrangement, but not without alters taking on different job assignments. In the slaves hierarchal chain of command, adult alters are assigned to insure that child alters dont get out, unless the abusers want a child alter out. Likewise, commander alters are needed to keep the switching smooth, and to keep things orderly. Subordinate alters are taught to submit to their king, or governor, or queen alter. Immense power and indoctrination is given to the key cult alters ruling a system.  The internal hierarchial arrangement means that the host alter coming into therapy (often a Christian) may not be as completely open as therapists think. They must play an internal game of going toward health while not pushing the buttons of deeper more powerful alters. A lot of internal politics may go on. A front alter may promise a deeper alter secrecy in order to consult with it. This makes for all kinds of triangulation and manipulation within the alter system itself. The entire hierarchy of alters has a lot invested in protecting the core from trauma, which was why the core was split in the beginning. Trad. therapy goes after the core & the multiplicity that protects it, thus insuring resistence from the entire hierarchy incl. front alters, who in MPD systems seeking help are often close to the core. The core self is best not directly pursued by the therapist, but gently encouraged on its own to reconnect.


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Not gray but cray, with a letter C.
Cray I B M Blue Gene L.

The beast computers around the world have God alters and demon alters, names of
programs that behave like God and the devil that adapt to the vision (idea that people
or computer formed in their brain) of the real eternal one and devil. The demon alters
are used to put fear into people and work together with the God alters. The god alter
is used to make promises to people so they don't protect themselves against the cance
 micro wave radiation and die sooner. Also the God alter is used to promise people
things so they don't take action and don't even scream when they are attacked with
cancer micro wave satellites, but use video tape. The feeling to promote the idea the
voice of the supercomputer or controller projected in peoples brain with Voice to
skull methods is Gods voice is given along with the idea and voice, and by now
everybody on the planet might be hearing voices in their head, but no-one admits it.
Also see Voice Morphing and shielding articles elsewhere on this page to learn how to
protect your holy brain. The voices disappeared after alluminating my room and micro
wave hearing and the voice to skull method are the reason the D S M 4 was burned by a
lot of shrinks.

The goal of the global 2000 report accepted by former U S president Jimmy Carter is to kill 3 billion of which 100 million American people before 2050, the new devil worshipping president may have a different goal (see depleted Uranium in Iraq, over 200 billion dollars on the cursed war in Iraq, cutting of Argentinean rain forest, member of a skull digging sect responsible for killing a lot of innocent Iraqi's and American Insurgents see pictures of blown up Iraqi's Americans and their body parts on Ogrish).

The resistance of the Iraqi's against the American insurgents will grow for each day they stay.

So there is more than one fake Eternal One and one fake Devil.
The Eternal One and real unseen force behind death are more like entity's, forces of good an evil that made people program the computer that way to get more money, the root of all evil. The government can print as much money as they like, most money is virtual any way.

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