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4/12/2005 - Zapatopi Testimonial The M I T study is a hoax

This is the testimony I made for Zapatopi.
See for other peoples testimonials. The Zapatopi site was made to spread the false idea people that wear aluminum foil hats (A F D Bees) would be paranoid schizophrenics if the site does not place my testimony, because the testimony makes very clear why all U cap wearers are not paranoid at all since the hats really shield  people who wear them with a factor 30 at least.
The governmental radiation protection center in Finland clearly is more specialized in this field than the M I T.
Ben Recht, Jason Taylor, and Noah Vawter are from M I Tease notorious Media Lab, which receives funding from DARPA [4] -- one of those government agencies they pretend to be concerned about.
The above sentence is from another article that makes clear why the M I T measurements are false, a must read:
Darpa also worked on the Nano-fly, for example.

Nano Fly part:
--------- --------- ---------
Uri is against the creation of a cyborg unless the person or animal used gave permission.
Since animals can not talk Uri is against producing the nano-fly, developped at the Berkeley campus of the University of California.
Build in self destruct mechanism please or make an infertile breed.

This is what Uri found on the web, searched on nano dash fly and microbot with google.
The orriginal article on the nano fly disappeared, so someone is trying to hide the info from the public.

M I T says an army of NanoWalkers (microbots) will be performing sub-atomic
operations within three months.  The development signals a new era in technology as
industry prepares to move down (between brackets) from genomes to atoms.

Weapons of mass construction:  Described by their inventors as a bunch of line dancing bar stools, the first microbot assembly line is only one of many such initiatives. Literally dozens of university and corporate labs are in a race for nanotechs Holy Grail - molecular self-assembly.  Financial backing for the leading M I T venture has come exclusively from the non-profit Seaver Institute in Los Angeles.  Around the world however, much of the funding
for the high-risk research is coming from defense establishments and/or earmarked national nanotechnology initiatives.  Another project, at UC Berkeley (Berkeley campus of the University of California), is developing a miniscule flying machine modeled after the lowly blowfly (Calliphora).  Begun in 1998 and funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the U.S. Office of Naval Research, the Nano-fly is intended to match the light-footed bar stools on the ground, and undertake reconnaissance missions in the air as well.    The U.S. Defense Department is a major investor in nanotechnology, with publicly disclosed expenditures  of $180 million in 2002.

Question posed on cray dot com.

what does a healthy cell know about cancer that we don't?
a. nothing, because a cell does not have a brain.
b. see new scientist dot com.
Cannabis cured cancer patients.


see pictures of the beast on w w w dot awe dot c o dot u k.
The beast is called a supercomputer, beast is just a nick name.

To produce voices directly into the skull of a victim:
William T. Clark patent. To remotely scan someone's brain-waves: Mardirossian patent.

--------- --------- ---------

End of nano-fly part.

One of the biggest "backbones" - UUnet - is based in Reston, Va.
Right down the road is DARPA, Carlyle Group, CIA headqarters, and so much more..........

Dear Zapatopi dot net testimonial manager,
First of all, thanks for making such a nice site, the A F D B site is great, it saved my life.

My testimony:

The aluminum foil hat really protects against the cancer micro wave radiation with a factor 30, which people can measure themselves. The foil has to be put on the outside of a hat so the foil does not in any way come into contact with your hat. First remove the metal knob from the cap (the antenna, ha ha) with a screwdriver.
My room is now radiation free, thanks to Zapatopi.  I taped a paper joint/cigarette filter to the hat showing Nazi-Bush (the skull digging sect member) holding a gun in his hand and I made a round forbidden sign out of it. You can also paint the hat. Mail me if you want to know where to get the tips.
My head was pounding on the same rhythm as the cancer-micro-wave pulses, radiation meters make the pulses audible (Narda, Gigahertz). Guess what? My head stopped pounding, the temples of my forehead stopped throbbing when I protected my holy brain (seperated).
On my World Peace Radio Blog, The W P R B, you can find links to studies that have shown the hat really protects with a factor 30 and people can measure the shielding factor themselves to proof it.
The radiation from the cancer mobile phone antenna's is used to kill people and control the minds of the population, in Europe this is done by the N S A, Menwith Hill.
I did not make up a story myself, other people claim this but some people also claim Al Gore is addicted to blood. We should not believe everything we read but test everything we learn. Everything.
People discovered only 0.001 micro Watt per square meter is needed to have good reception and to be able to use the cancer mobile, which should never end up in the wrong hands, human hands.
I wrote an article for wiki-pedia which was removed.
People understand now that people that wear all U caps and tinfoil hats are not paranoid schizophrenics at all and they also know the hat can not protect against Scalar Em ( Moving fast is the best solution (next to the A F D B) if you would ever be attacked with an energy weapon. On my radio show I frequently talk about the A F D B and I have also referEd to Zapatopi dot net. Do not respond to voices in your head, they are given with the voice 2 skull method. Another technique is repeating the messages of the perps in your head. With the voicemorphing technique the supercomputer can now talk with any persons voice, even your own. It does not matter what we think, only what we do.
All the info people need to protect themselves and win court cases, including the link to World Peace Radio:
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