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4/12/2005 - Wiki 'tinfoil hat' article is misleading

"Tinfoil hat" misleading Wiki article
Hoax M I T study?

The study referred to in the wikipedia tinfoil hat article describes twice it uses 250000 dollar equipment (in the same short article) to measure radio bands, radio frequency emissions up to 3 Giga-Hertz (up to 3000 MHz., the mobile phone network uses H F radiation in the 800 to 2500 MHz. region, for example: G S M uplink 900 MHz., hence the name G S M 900, U M T S uses emissions around 2000 MHz and Blue Tooth and the micro wave produce radiation a little below 2500 MHz) and the M I T study could be a hoax.

Since it is a proven fact the micro wave radiation increases the cancer risk I will place the word cancer in front of every name used for equipment that produces this harmful type of micro wave radiation.

The cancer-G S M, cancer-D E C T, cancer-U M T S and cancer-blue tooth all produce cancer-micro-wave radiation in the 800 to 2500 MegaHertz region, which you can measure with a H F 35 C radiation meter, you do not need 250000 dollar equipment.
The meter shows the aluminum foil hat attenuates , shields the cancer micro wave radiation with a factor 30, meaning thirty times less harmful cancer micro wave radiation behind the tinfoil hat than in front of it.
I measured this myself with a radiation meter that shows the amount of radiation in micro-Watts per square meter and makes the pulses or the radiation audible, so you can recognize what type of radiation it is: the type used by the cancer-mobile phone network or a cancer weefee/LAN (Local cancer Area Network) or any other type in the 800 to 2500 MHz. region.
I like the American spelling for aluminium better, aluminum sounds nicer: ALUMINATION.

The cancer micro wave radiation emissions are  NOT the radio frequency emissions which where studied in the M I T study, so the people that did the study did not need the expensive antenna either, they could have used their own cancer-mobile, which would have been better than the antenna used by the M I T since the cancer-mobile-antenna's and other types of equipment that use cancer micro wave radiation are widely spread and the radiation is pulsed. That the researches did not use a phone nor equipment that can make the pulses of the radiation that do a lot of damage audible could be one reason the M I T researchers found different results than other scientists found in their studies.
Even a hat from handy-fashions dot com has a shielding factor capacity of  at least 99.9 percent.  
The Mobile Cap was tested by the governmental radiation protection center in Finland (STUK), clearly more specialized in the field of radiation than the M I T. The equipment of the radiation protection center also has a greater range, up to 10 Gigahertz and used specialized equipment in this field, the M I T only measured up to 3 Gigahertz.
I have measured myself that a tinfoil hat, an aluminum foil hat, the alu-cap protects even better than the handy-fashions dot com cap, but this is in the 800 to 2500 Megahertz region.
The results of the governmental radiation protection center in Finland do not show the 30 db amplification at 2.6 Ghz and a 20 db amplification at 1.2 Ghz shown in the
M I T results. In the contrary: the STUK results show the hat has an attenuation (blocking/shielding) capacity ranging from 30 dB to almost 60 dB, which boils down to a shielding capacity of 99.9 percent in the 200 Megahertz area to 99.999 % shielding in the area from 50 Megahertz all the way up to 10 Gigahertz.
The governmental radiation protection center study shows the signal is not amplified by the hat in any way. I am wearing the handy-fashions dot com hat while I write this.
See the graph of the test results here:

My experience with the radiation in the Giga-Hertz region described in the wiki article: the radio frequency described by the M I T is completely harmless. The frequency in my brain disappeared in the radiation free room the pounding of my head, the throbbing of my frontal lobes, stopped.  I should mention that I think the victims and not the attackers should get the benefit of the doubt.


Radio frequency emissions are probably totally harmless and there is no need to shield against them if they are indeed harmless.

The cancer micro wave radiation has changed peoples blood structure and shielding oneself against the harmfull cancer mobile phone mast radiation is therefore a must, at least the bedroom should be shielded.

Be sure to ground the foil and wear it on the outside of your hat so the foil does not in any way come into contact with your head.
Note: the wiki tinfoil hat article and the M I T study u r l's I have not linked on perpus.

--------- ---------- ---------
An overview of how the weapons are deployed by the Mind Control Police:
Mass Remote Mind Control by Blanket Coverage of the Population which is achieved via the Mobile Phone Network.

U S National Security Agency (N S A, Menwith Hill, Yorkshire England)

General Communications Head Quarters (G C H Q) Ministry of Defense (M O D).
Military intelligence (M I 5).

--------- ---------- ---------

The frontal lobes of my forehead where throbbing in the same rhythm as the cancer micro wave radiation pulses.
When I have been exposed to radiation being in the radiation-free environment stops the nasty frequency/ringing in the brain and stops the pulsating of my brain, the throbbing of the temples of my forehead.

The H F 35 C makes the radiation pulses audible and looking in the mirror I saw the throbbing of the temples of my forehead was in exactly the same rhythm as the cancer micro wave pulses, totally independent from my heartbeat rhythm.

I had to leave Amsterdam, my favorite city on this planet, for this reason.

It is therefore very important that people do not label aluminum-cap wearers as paranoid schizophrenics, also because the microwave hearing and voice to skull techniques are well known and well described techniques wherewith any person that pitch shifts there voice with a pitch shifter can give messages inside peoples head in an alien voice.

The Populace is in between their cancer antenna phone masts, used to do global mind control.
Also the brains of the M I T researchers would be totally controlled via the above described network if what is written on mind control forums is THE TRUTH.

--------- --------- ---------

Wiki pedia article is misleading.
This is an article that was on wikipedia, but sadly it was later removed.

25 september 2005 16:45
Tin-foil hat
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
(Redirected from Tin foil hat)
A tin-foil hat, also tinfoil hat, is a general term for a piece of
headgear made from one or more sheets of tin foil, aluminum foil, or other similar material.
Some people wear the hats in the knowledge that they protect the [[brain]] from micro wave radiation with a factor of at least 33,3, which can be measured with a HF radiation-meter.
Hats made from foil are used more and more [].
Make sure the aluminum foil (english spelling aluminium) is on the outside of the hat, so that your head and body dont become conductors of the radiation and sweat is absorbed in the hat. When using a baseball cap
take of the metal knob on top (the antenna) with a screw driver.
Place the aluminum foil on the outside and cover the foil with tape so there is no contact between you and the tape. Aluminum foil can also be used to create a micro wave radiation free environment and has a higher protection factor than paint and curtains currently swarming the market.

1 Tin-foil hats and mind control victims
2 Tin-foil

hats in pop culture
3 See also
4 External links //

== Tin-foil hats and mind control victims ==
Mind control through the use of mobile phones and microwave radiation was a wicked idea. The military and police use micro waves to monitor every person on the planet, influence peoples thoughts, and after a while produce a nasty high frequency in the brain of the victems and can even be used to produce voices in the heads of healthy people and if needed cause brain damage, strokes and brain bleedings. One more 'famous' victim Chechnyan leader General Dudayev died when using a mobile phone.
See an article on microwave mindcontrol by Dr. Rauni Kilde, formerly the Chief Medical Officer for Lapland (northern Finland), is one of our bravest professional supporters. She was given an award from CAHRA for her appearance on a now-unavailable video by Transmedia Productions in London, England.

The foil protects against microwave radiation but can not protect against Extremely Low Frequency weapons, normal radio waves and phased array antenna's such as Haarp.
Because aluminum (English: aluminium) protects against microwave radiation people who wear it are definitly not paranoid schizophrenics and not psychotic and they are usually electrosensitive and sometimes notice differences such as temples that stop throbbing in the same rhythm as the microwave pulses when they wear the hat (which
I experienced and video taped). This information is crucial to safe lives and is therefore protected against editing.

26 september 2005 17:30

My article was changed again, so I protected the page against vandalism since the aluminum foil really shields micro wave radiation and can therefore safe a lot of lifes.
If people want to change it againsthey can contact my lawyer, since the foil really protects the bullshit about not being able to protect against mind controll rays was removed.

17:09 8-1-2006
The wikipedia article about tinfoil hats is simply wrong in choosing the side of the perpetrators and not describing the victims point of view and therefore the wiki-article is misleeding.
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3/5/2009 - Grounding tin-foil hats

Posted by CAMS3
once I cover the baseball cap with tinfoil and sticky tape to plasticize it and make sure tinfoil has no contact with skin, how do I get the hat grounded? that's what I need to know to make a functional head cover.
Also what material blocks 1-900MHz, especially 1MHz and around that the subsonic illness frequencies? thanks
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