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3/12/2005 - Mind control patents used to read the unprotected mind end the Alien Hoax

Mind control patents
used to read the unprotected human mind
- end the Alien Hoax

The 9 9 9 code to turn off the supercomputer is probably still the same, cauz' the system is planet wide, there are 9 so called beast computers, Cray supercomputers scattered strategically around the globe ( is the official site that does not give a lot of info the tax payers can use). For good info use:
Every person in the world has been assigned an 18 digit tracking number, which consists of 3 groups of 6 numbers. The first 3 numbers assigned in the BEAST computer to everyone are 666.
 The next is ones national code. The U.S. national code is 110. Then the next 3 numbers are your telephone area code, and then finally your 9 digit Social Security number.
    The code then is 6 6 6 + Nation code + Telephone area code + social security number = BEAST I Dentification number for an individual.
    According to Dwight Kinmans book The Worlds Last Dictator, 2nd ed., (Woodburn, OR: Solid Rock Books, p. 256) VISA has already begun issuing VISA cards using the BEAST 18 digit number. When an American makes a bank transaction on an autoteller within a matter of seconds the BEAST has been informed of the activity. These computers use UNIX. 999, thinking 9 9 9 3 times with your finger pointed to your forehead and using the close out and back down code turns of your internal computer if you have one. Two fingersnaps and saying shut down and disarm disarm disarm to shut down hostile alters.
Since the supercomputers control the human mind and is already there and used to do evil I reposted the info. STOP THEM NOW!
Mir vrayduh salaam shalom highwah typing on peace shawntee shawntee.

The names of alien groups, for example the Reptoids, resemble groups of people.
The Reptoids is just a different name for the C I A, the gray aliens are the F B I and so on.
We only have to find the key: connect the pseudonyms with the groups using the pseudonyms.
The idea of alien races has been thought of by the American sick devil worshippers that want to take over the planet, turn the population into slaves, who are creating a new species for that purpose.
They are secretly using gene sequencing supercomputers paid for with taxpayer-money and kidnapped people and children and interbreeding them with animals their goal is to create a new species totally controllable by the supercomputer using satellites and various types of radiation (see Tesla and the following mind control patents information with drawings of the equipment on

The following equipment that uses this form of radiation infringes laws of physical integrity:
micro wave radiation changed peoples blood structure see 17 experiments on people that showed this on the World Peace Radio Blog.


To read minds: Aris Mardi ros sian patent 6 0 1 1 9 9 1, communication system and method including brain wave analysis and or use of brain activity.
To implant voices in peoples brain with satellites: William T. Clark patent 3 6 1 2 2 1 1, method of producing locally occurring infrasound.
To control the feelings of a person: Hatayama patent 6 2 1 9 6 5 7 B 1, device and method for creation of emotions.

Prologic thinks the people who use this equipment where victims themselves.

--------- --------- ---------
The following patents describe devices which are weapons and therefore world wide laws must be made against possession of these weapons, usually called non lethal weapons.

Because several countries make use of various types of energy weapons, some lethal, the government should notify its citizens immediately so they take protective measures which can be made easily and should be made obviously.

The use of the following weapons is against the universal declaration article three and other laws that describe the right to physical integrity (fourth amendment) because the cancer micro wave radiation that is used to read peoples minds changed peoples blood structure (see list of studies that have shown peoples blood structure was changed by cancer micro wave radiation on this hard disk or web site (red letters).

    7 Claims, 5 Drawing Figures.
(56) References Cited


1,616,639  2   19 27 Sprague   
1,951,669  3   19 34 Ramsey  
3,398,810  8   19 68 Clark    

Primary Examiner - Malcolm F. Hubler
Attorney - James H. Littlepage

Two spaced directional acoustical transducers are directed towards a common point so that the acoustical waves produced thereby intersect throughout a given area. By utilizing a frequency difference between the acoustical waves of less than 20 Hz., or by propagating the acoustical waves at the same frequency while phase modulating one of them at less than 20 Hz., resultant acoustical waves of less than 20 Hz. are produced in the area of intersection.

United States Patent
(72) Inventor William T. Clark,


Method of producing locally occurring infrasound


Acoustical Systems, Miscellaneous.


It is known that infrasound, i.e., inaudible acoustical waves of less than 20 Hz. can have physiological and neuropsychological effects, and experimental data indicates that those in the range of 5 Hz. To 7 Hz. can effect the alpha wave pattern of the human brain. Experimentation with infrasound has been difficult and dangerous. Experimentation with infrasound has been difficult and dangerous. The length of the waves is so great that extremely large baffles, chambers or whistles have heretofore been necessary to produce them. Their omni-directional characteristics result in great power losses, since the wave energy from a source is dissipated over a wide area, and it has been difficult, if not impossible, to focus the wave energy on a subject under test; and because of this, the experimenter, as well as the subject, is oftentimes subjected to the same forces, which might be deleterious. Because of the effects of these waves on the human body and brain, it has been theorized that infrasound might be useful in warfare because it cannot be detected by the human ear, and it has a potential for harming or demobilizing an enemy subjected to it.
The object of this invention is to provide a method and apparatus for producing infrasound utilizing two highly directional acoustical wave sources propagating intersecting beams of sound waves at a frequency which may be in the audible range or above, and which waves in and of themselves, because of their frequencies which are higher than infrasound, do not have the same physiological or neuropsychological effects on a subject in their individual paths but which, in their areas of intersection, combine or beat against one another to produce resultant waves in the infrasonic range. A further object is to provide a system for producing infrasound, but utilizing extremely small sources for the infrasound energy, as compared with previously available sources.
These and other objects will be apparent from the following specification and drawing, in which:
FIG. 1 is a diagram illustrating the principle of intersecting beams of acoustical waves;
FIG. 2 is a wave diagram illustrating the simple heterodyne principle which may be utilized for producing an infrasonic beat;
FIG. 3 is a wave diagram illustrating the phase shift principle which may be utilized for producing an infrasonic resultant;
FIG. 4 is a simplified circuit diagram of a system for producing and propagating the heterodyning waves diagrammed in Fig. 2; and,
FIG. 5 is a simplified circuit diagram of a system for producing and propagating acoustical waves, one of which is phase modulated as diagrammed in Fig. 3.
Referring first to FIG. 1, there are diagrammatically illustrated two acoustical transducers, which may be pneumatic whistles or oscillator-driven electrical transducers, each producing a directional beam 6 and 8, respectively. The beams intersect in area 10. If the waves in the beams are above the audible range, and if they are of fixed amplitude, and if they are of different frequencies or if they are of the same frequency and one is phase modulated, then a beat or resultant frequency is produced in the area of intersection. This, broadly, is the theory of the system disclosed in my prior U.S. Pat. No. 3,398,810, except that an audible signal was there produced in the area of intersection, and there was no concept of producing physiological or neuropsychological effects in localized areas.
The infrasound produced by intersecting waves in beams 6 and 8 may be produced in various ways. For example, referring to Fig. 2, let it be assumed that the frequency of waves 12 in beam 6 is 30,000 Hz., and of constant amplitude, and the frequency of waves 14 in beam 8 is 29, 995 Hz., also at constant amplictude. When the two waves intersect, a beat frequency of 5 Hz. Results. Also, two waves, either or both of which are at audible frequencies, could be used if inaudibility were of no importance.
While amplitude modulation of the waves in one beam may be desirable in some applications, if inaudibility in the amplitude modulated beam path is not important, it is essential that the amplitude of the wave in neither beam shall be varied at an infrasonic rate, since then an infrasonic pressure wave would be set up at the source of propagation, and this would produce the undesired effects of power loss, aondirectivity, and danger to the operator.
The diagram of Fig.3 illustrates the utilization of two waves 18 and 20, both of the same frequency and amplitude, but with phase-shifting of wave 18 so as to produce a resultant acoustical signal 20 of 5 Hz. in the area of intersection.. When the in-phase components meet at the intersection, they will add, and out-of-phase components will subtract; and anything in between will add or subtract; and anything in between will add or subtract to a greater or lesser degree. Such addition or subtraction constitutes a compression or rarification of the atmosphere, thereby producing infrasonic waves at the intersection. Similar phase or frequency modulation may be used to produce a warble infrasonic wave at the intersection; for example, an infrasonic, wave that varies, for example, between 5 and 7 Hz., instead of a steady tone, so so as to bracket the normal alpha wave frequency of a human subject in the area of intersection. The infrasonic wave may also be pulsed by the use of phase or frequency modulation, so long as the amplitude of the waves in neither transmitted geam are varied at an infrasonic rate; and methods for eliminating such variation should be employed.
Suitable means for accomplishing the above results will suggest themselves to those skilled in the art. For example, Fig. 4 is an elementary circuit and block diagram of a system utilizing a transistor oscillator circuit 24 tuned, for example, to 30,000 Hz., another transistor oscillator 26 tuned to 29,995 Hz., and power amplifiers 28 and 30 between the oscillators and their respective transducers 2 and 4.
Fig. 5 is an elementary circuit and block diagram of a system suitable to achieve the objectives of Fig. 3. This system utilizes a master oscillator 32 which feeds a signal of fixed frequency and amplitude to transducers 2 through a power amplifier 34. Master oscillator 32 also supplies a similar signal to a phase modulator 36 through a buffer amplifier 38, which assures that the modulated and unmodulated channels are kept electrically separate.
Controlling phase modulator 36 is a source of infrasound signal 40 which drives the phase modulator in the same manner that an audio signal would drive the phase modulation, but a frequency of, for example 5 Hz. The signal from phase modulator 36 is fed to transducer 4 via power amplifier 43. In both systems, infrasound is produced in the areas 10 of intersection of the two signals.
While the invention described in the foregoing specification has obvious utility for laboratory experimentation, it may also have utility as a military weapon or for riot control, and it may be useful for submarine warfare, in which case intersecting beams could be transmitted through the water and a hull to occupants inside. Also, it is believed that infrasound may influence earthquakes and land mass movement and fault, as well as atmospheric conditions.
I claim:
1. The method of creating infrasound waves in a localized region, which method comprises,
Transmitting from two spaced points a pair of intersecting beams of acoustical signal waves  both being devoid of amplitude modulation at a rate of less than 20 Hz. And both higher in frequency than 20 Hz., and creating in the region of intersection of said beams infrasonic acoustical waves as a result of additive and subtractive effects of the intersecting wave fronts of said acoustical signal waves.
2. The method recited in claim 1, wherein the waves in one of said beams are transmitted at a substantially constant frequency and the waves in the other of said beams are transmitted at another constant frequency which differs from the frequency of the first-mentioned frequency by less than 20 Hz.
3. The method recited in claim 2, wherein the differences in frequency between the waves in the two beams is in the range of 5 Hz. To 7 Hz.
4. In the method recited to claim 3, the step of regularly shifting the difference in frequency between the two beams between 5 Hz. And 7 Hz. To produce an infrasonic warble signal in the area of intersection.
5. The method reicted in claim 1, wherein the waves in both of said beams are transmitted at substantially the same frequency, and wherein the waves of one of the beams is phase-modulated by a signal with a frequency of less than 20 Hz.
6.  The method as recited in claim 5, wherein the phase modulating signal is in the order of 5 Hz. To 7 Hz.
7. The method recited in claim 6, wherein the phase modulating signal regularly varies between 5 Hz. And 7 Hz. To produce an infrasonic warble signal in the area of intersection.

United States Patent
Hinkey et al.
Patent Number: 5,864,517
Date of Patent: Jan. 26, 1999
(75) Inventions: John B. Hinkey; Joseph T. Williams, both of Seattle; Thomas R.A. Bussing, Issaquah, all of Washington
(73) Assignee: Adroit Systems, Inc., Bellevue, Washington.
(21) Application No (nummero).: 820, 882
(22) filed: March 21, 1997


A pulsed combustion acoustic wave generator includes a tubular barrel having an inlet end and an open outlet end, a fuel controller for metering a controlled quantity of fuel into the inlet end of the barrel, an oxidant controller for metering a controlled quantity of oxidant into the inlet end of the barrel and an igniter extending into the inlet end of the barrel that is controllable by an operator to ignite a mixture of fuel and oxidant in the inlet end.
United States Patent
Patent Number: 6,011,991


(75) Inventor: Aris Mardirossian, Germantown, Maryland.

(73) Assignee: Technology Patents, LLC, Derwood, Maryland.


A system and method for enabling human beings to communicate by way of their monitored brain activity. The brain activity of an individual is monitored and transmitted to a remote location (e.g. by satellite). At the remote location, the monitored brain activity is compared with pre-recorded normalized brain activity curves, waveforms, or patterns to determine if a match or substantial match is found. If such a match is found, then the computer at the remote location determines that the individual was attempting to communicate the word, phrase or thought corresponding to the matched stored noramlized signal.
8 Claims, 3 Drawing Sheets.
--------- --------- ---------
The perpetrators already have and use the above described patents, and they are not classified in any way.
If they are, let me know.

Lucifer was defeated by the Araleem.

Aliens do not exist. All pictures of aliens on line are fake, the alien used on sites that review Dulce New Mexico is a so called prop, a special effect for a movie, like E T, the extra terrestrial in Steven Spielbergs movie: a midget person was inside the E T puppet, prologic still has a newspaper clipping that shows the midget next to the puppet the midget was in, if you want to see it give prologic a ring. You know, IT!

Since the perpetrators try to do as much evil as possible they often leave traces on perpus, hence the name Gray aliens which resemble Cray, spelled C R A Y, the supercomputer company that developped supercomputers for the N S A that are at least 40 years ahead of time. Cray dot com.
Many sites plant trojans on the computers of their visitors, for example the N S A dot gov site, so I suggest not visting them.

The cropcircles made with tesla's invention are the illumanitease signature for example. Seldom do the people talk about the financial damages done to the farmer by destroying his crop.

Pictures of crop circles that resemble a Tesla coil can be found on hundreds of crop circle pages.
Here are a few examples:

From this Stargate Cipher 2012 site:

  • HAARP is the third US ionospheric research site; the others are located near the Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico and near Fairbanks, Alaska. (Another one operating in Tromso Norway.) Arecibo Observatory is famous for its association with SETI, i.e. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, as featured in the movie 'Contact'.

  • Tesla actually claimed he regularly communicated with aliens.

More strikingly, there was a remarkable 'crop circle' created in a wheat field near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England, June 20 this year - less than 2 months before the Athens Olympics.

[picture from]

English papers reported on this otherworldly creation:

It's the most intriguing crop formation seen in the West for years...

...[A]ccording to experts, this pattern apparently represents a diagram of an electrical transistor designed 100 years ago by the world's most mysterious inventor.

Crop circle experts say it is uncannily similar to plans for one of Nikola Tesla's early pieces of equipment

Yes - Tesla! A crop circle, ostensibly a message from 'aliens', alluding to Tesla just before the Olympics... What are the odds?! (The Tesla angle in the story, which I don't know is valid, may well have been something artificially added somewhere along the process by an 'insider' involved in the 'super ritual'.)

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