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4/12/2005 - Voice to skull perpetrators

To be way ahead of time I wish you all a great 2009.

Welcome to world peace radio life.
The things no knowno knows.

Today's subject:

Electronic herassment, voice to skull perpetrators.

Once, when I was walking outside, the perpetrators where sending voice to skull messages and pretending the female voice and the voice of the other controller would be mine, they where pretending to be me, tried to talk with MY inner voice.

Prologic thinks the perpetrators sent him brain waves so he would start talking, but the talking he did was only in his advantage because locking innocent people up on their birth-day is not normal, so you know the police is in on it, the police is helping to create a police state, perhaps unknowingly. The supercomputer in Belgium does not control any missiles so destroying it might be the only option if we want our freedom back. We don't need your, mind control.

The police also tried to break prologic's neck, prologic's head was put between the legs of a cop by his colleague that started to wiggle his hips untill his neck made a loud snap. There where a lot of witnesses. An M R I scan of pro's brain was made and there where no signs of any type of brain damage. The scan prologic bought a copy of got lost.

Because pro did not do anything against the law at that time prologic was released. The locking up on his birth day, the lying cop pro recorded that claimed pro would not be locked up and that their would be someone at the station that would explain what micro wave satellites are, the cops that tried to break prologics neck, the police that lied prologic would be allowed to take his medicine, cannabis, for which pro has a doctors prescription but did not allow it because of which prologic fainted at the police station on his birth day 2004, the police that claimed the video that was made in the tram prologic was attacked in would be obtained, but the video that was made in the tram strangely disappeared and the locking up at another police station for purportedly praying to loud are seperate events and seperate so called police officers. The video of the person that attacked prologic in the tram was made, prologic saw the camera's after the person tried to kick him in his crotch, the person was recorded.
Prologic never was arrested and knows he is truly innocent, which the perpetrators try to distort.
I wonder who is doing something about the thousands of people being waved with their thoughts completely controlled. I think those people around prologic do not even know they are victims and the controllers are victims as well.

The technology is only in our disadvantage as long as it is in the wrong hands.

Perhaps the devil worshippers attack every one they can, people who have to much influence, even presidents. It is important the people understand the controllers have been given the right to kill anyone they like with the micro wave satellites and scalar waves by their bosses and millions of people where attacked with it.

Untill there is someone that tries to find the murderers that attacked us you can not expect prologic nor anyone to trust or not kill the sick skull digging sect members.

If the devil exists so does The Eternal One.

Prologic noticed the perpetrators do not keep the commandments and the perpetrators pretend to be God, the devil or aliens, whatever works on the victim. The emotions to give the victims the idea the controller would be God are given along with the brain wave that lets the victims think whoever they worship is leading them, while in fact it is their enemy, money wolves stealing cancer-oil from the Iraqi's: extortionists, devil worshippers,skull digging robbers, murderers, kidnappers, members of the brotherhood of death, the skullies.

The perpetrators pretend they are helping the victims while in fact they are killing them and stealing their money.

The perpetrators are afraid to give the victims their name and location (so you know you can not trust them) and their is a system on the hide the names and protect the devil worshipping skull digging sect members that killed thousands of innocent kidnapped children.

They wake people up by sending them a brain wave, perhaps even their own brain  wave, in an awake and alert state, sometimes also giving millions of people (perhaps everyone) voice to skull messages: the voices in their brain.

Many people do not hear the voices because all people have been programmed during their rem sleep and do not hear the messages consciously.

The perpetrators also have a method to control peoples inner voices: the perpetrators voice to skull messages are given in the victims own inner voice so the victim will comply easier to the messages of the perpetrators, the messages being in their own inner voice.

Prologic noticed that sometimes using his inner voice did not work and the perpetrators that tried to give messages using his own inner voice are usually female.

The perps also try to say things to evoke a reaction of the victims and the perpetrators tried to distort prayers prologic did in his head, without spoken words. For example: the perpetrators tried to change a curse prologic made for the perpetrators that curses people that steal brain waves of people by substituting the words 'who stole peoples brain waves' with prologics real name at the moment he says the prayers in his head and they are trying to supress millions of peoples own inner voice.

Lo tignov.
Lo tirtsach.

Not to redeem a murderer from the death penalty (see 613 commandments).

The perpetrators are pretending they are helping people and giving the victims and people in their surrounding the idea they are helping people while in fact the perpetrators that send voice to skull messages are perpetrators that tried to kill prologic and millions of others and their souls will be thrown in the bottomless pit by The Eternal One, not the dutch talking supercomputer but the programmers of the God alter, a computer program that behaves like God that is able to send voice to skull messages, hollograms and dreams.

The resistance is growing and even the majority of the americans thinks the american insurgents should have stayed out of Iraq and the majority disapproves with the way the american president handled the war in Iraq.

In Oktober 2005 about 65 percent of the interviewed people disapproved of president bush's handling of Iraq, about 30 percent agreed and the rest was unsure.
See the C B S New York Times pole shown in the B B C article.
You can also find the web adres the poles are shown on, on:

9 9 9 prologic 9 9 9 dot blog 2 blog dot n l.

Do not forget the Dutch perpetrators and any one that willingly and knowingly helped devil worshippers are responsible for the depleted uranium war crime and the millions of american kids that disappeared as well.

See raven 1 dot net for info about gang stalking and to see a picture of a person viewed with system aparture radar, thrue the walls of her home.

See the article 'VOICEMORPHING end voice to skull' on this WPR-Blog page to learn HOW TO PROTECT YOUR HOLY BRAIN.

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18/6/2008 - I am suffering from the same thing my friend it should be your own voice.

Posted by Anonymous
Dear Skitz,

The problem is we are both the same victims of the same damn thing.

The solution is mine live right next door and come through the roof into my house.

Thats the problem all government bodies know. They are not much to look at. Yet they are clearly allowed to persist.

But then I am allowed to carry on informing at will

This form of torture is an act of terror.

Many people have either committed suicide as victims of these devices and many have killed some one due to the voice changer and scripts these people use.

I understand they need this for Medical purposes.

But what I don't understand is why none of us victims have not as yet found a Doctor to remove these devices.

If you have had such success please let me know.

conact me

Thank you,

Naman Asghar
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