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4/12/2005 - Image NY Times Nazi-Bush polls Majority disapproves of Bush's handling of Iraq

NEW: U S A Today Poll:

Bush approval rating hits new low *31 %*
(31 percent is still to high, good bye)

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A really beautiful picture of one of the two satellites that where used to attack me and a passing car. Other people also saw the satellite including my parents. If you know what (reconaissance) satellite this is, or what star if you believe it is one) please mail me.

Shutter speed 30 seconds.

Album: Satellite Attack 13-05-2006 22:57
Image resolution: 480 x 640

How to protect against attacks with energy weapons.

Disarm disarm disarm

If you would be (abort) attacked with energy weapons while reading this change your position in relation to your computer (move to the left or right of the screen), save this page to your hard disk and print this text, move away from the place you where attacked immediately and move to point 2 on this list immediately put on THE STEELWOOL TURBAN HAT.
The steelwool hat does NOT OFFER TOTAL PROTECTION but shields against the attacks with most energy weapons (excluding the reconaissance satellites I was attacked with). I am convinced I would have bean dead if I would at the time of the attack not have been wearing the steel wool hat which protects with a factor of about 5 against electro magnetic energy weapon beam attacks.

Note: the following methods can not protect totally against scalar weapon attacks, meaning I was attacked severely again 13 mei 2006 22:00 of which I am proud. At about 10 22 the attacks ceased. The foil on the floor did also not protect against the attacks, meaning their might not be a way any more. Now it is almost time for the sick perpetrators to go. Their souls go into the bottomless pit for real.
Kill bush dot net, it's so funny, there is probably no need.
The following does really protect very well against all other types of attacks and against cancer micro wave radiation.

Ways to Protect:
1) Move away from the energy weapon beam and try to find out the direction the beam is coming from by just concentrating on the way your whole body feels and if possible with a spectrum analyser with a probe.
IMMEDIATELY MOVE TO POINT 2 WHEN UNDER ATTACK. Try to trace the signal: find out the location and the names of who did it and put evidence on line. Safe complete pages on your hard disk for the event a page would disappear. There is no use in moving to another town, the satellites are above prologics head too so you know the perpetrators used your tax money that is why the perpetrators are cursed so bad and our curses work but their curses only help you all, do not respond to them. Moving to the left or right side of your computer a little bit can even mean the difference between being not hit.
2) Create a steel wool hat before creating an aluminum foil shielded radiation free room so it gets a lot harder for the perpetrators to reed your mind, if not impossible.
3) Create an aluminum foil shielded radiation free room. The foil protects against the cancer U M T S and cancer G S M radiation very well (easy to test with a cancer H F radiation meter). Double or even triple layers of foil are possible and painting the foil is also possible. Do not forget to ground the aluminum foil.
4) Buy a polariser from w w w dot aquariusvitaliser dot info.
5) Buy or make a tower buster and or holy hand granade yourself w w w dot orgonise dash africa dot net.
6) Buy a vitaliser to vitalise your water aquarius vitaliser dot info.
7) Make an induction, self-hypnoses, I hypnotized the sick perpetrators.
8) Buy an aircleaner with an ioniser or just an ioniser to let the evil nasty nanobots fall to the floor. Negative ions are the good ones.
9) Create a force field and or static plates, works even better than aluminium foil and steel wool. M U metal foil works even better.
10) Always destroy cancer mobile phones. Or at least get an E M X chip, you do not have to use it, use a normal phone or the web if you want to communicate with prologic.

In short:
1) Move out of the beam.
2) First create a steel wool hat, than an aluminum foil shielded room.
3) Buy a polariser, a tower buster and a vitaliser of course.
4) Make a self-hypnosis, an induction to hypnotize the sick spies, if any. It is easy sista.
5) Air cleaner with ioniser.

Types of energy weapons:
1) The cancer U M T S antennas.
2) Reconaissance satellites like the ones photographed by prologic (see stop_nazi bush directory on community webshots dot com. The satellites are controlled by the neural network and satellites are often used when a person uses a cancer cell phone.
4) GWEN (Ground wave emergency network) Cancer Tetra and HAARP which use Extremely Low Frequency waves and a signal to control the you man mind.

Giving innocent civillians like prologic voice to skull messages is always illegal and it is best not to respond to them and use the methods describe above to protect against the voice to skull messages, against micro wave illumination.

Print and spread this document as much as possible.

Either the polariser or the holy mini hand granade seriously reduced the effectiveness of the attacks on me, although there was still one hit when I went to bed. The number of hits has been reduced a lot, the number of hits with the energy weapon has gone down from about 50 to only one and that might be because I touched the holy mini hand grenade.

When I sit in my chair the attacks where usually so bad that I had to roll. Now the attacks are almost impossible to feel any more and when I move my head away from my computer screen (which I have already tilted backward because electrical equipment can be used to bounce and amplify energy weapon signals).

Further more, I have a water bed with a heater and when I am in a specific position (with my head on the left or right side of the bed) I used to get hit a lot. The attacks seem to come from the cancer U M T S satellites but the satellites I photographed where in the same direction as the cancer U M T S antennas.
The scalar weapons are very advanced, travel at almost the speed of light and go through the earth like butter. The attack was felt on the side of my head that was on the water bed, even though I had an aluminum plate above my head and a safe and metal case the meters where sent in positioned strategically next to that.

Everybody does not have the devil inside cauze then they would be dead.

The real Eternal One is the useen force behind all life (creator of orgone), the devil the unseen force behind all death.

The real Eternal One never gives voice to skull messages because He knows people can do that.
The real devil gives voice to skull messages in Dutch.

According to Kabbalah the messages the devil gives are crystal clear messages, The Eternal One manifests in dreams, mystic insight and gut instinct (not to be confused with the evil impulses).

Sexual lust is also an evil impulse when we let it rule us, for example when we become rapists.
The death penalty is on rape and also on mass murder, the depleted uranium war crime.

Prologic would like to be raped by a single female.

About the polariser and the holy hand grenade: they really work, even if you would think or believe it does not.
My computer mouse, which was blocked with a reconaissance satellite that was standing straight above my house, is working again. There are two possibility's:
1) The perpetrators are still trying to block my mouse but the amount of orgone has built up due to the Holy Hand Grenades I have placed in strategic places. What I have read on Don Crofts site is that it takes a long time for the orgone to build up, even longer when busting cam trails because the orgone has to go up a long way to reach the clouds. Make your own strategy: your goals (ruling the world) and how you are going to achieve it (become a politician). You do not necesarily have to be Uri and these where just examples. Bending spoons is not for me. Pictures on several sites show the cloud busters really work and produce rain in dry areas because orgone is life energy and cam trails and smog contain DOR. Dor door dor. The crystals inside (quartz for example) are also used in watches to let the watch walk on time. Quartz is a natural source of electricity that turns harmful radiation into healthy bio electric healing energy.
2) The good vibes created by the orgone made the perpetrators non-violent and fearfull of The Eternal One, the bestower of life force, which is good. It is against the commandments to fear any humans and it is a commandment to fear The Lord, The Eternal One. In hebrew: yirat Adonai kedoshaif, kee ayn machzor lee ray I've. Fear the Lord Ye holy ones, for there is nothing lacking those that fear the Lord.
3) The perpetrators where spotted by other satellites. I think the perpetrators are probably American and Dutch. At least there used to be Dutch voice to skull messages when I was not wearing my Steel Wool Hat.
The other theory is that the perpetrators stopped blocking the mouse to sell more products that do not work at all.
Because Wilhelm Reich did not do anything against the law and Wilhelm died in a jail cell for us to be able to have orgone is enough evidence and proof for me that it does work and I can still feel the perpetrators try to attack me sometimes but their beam is almost not felt any more and becomes a healing beam because of:
4) The polariser which turns disharmonic frequencies into bio-frequencies makes an antenna out of the electrical supply in your house and turns the signals of various frequencies into less disturbing and less harmfull signals. De polariser does not use electricity itself.

P.s. even if the items described would not have any effect (which they do, Holy hand grenades really work) but if they would not it is still a commandment to pretend they do work because of the placebo effect which is known to have cured people who took fake medicine.

The commandment to safe lives superseeds the commandment to tell the truth and all 613 other commandments in the holy Torah layd out in the Mishna except the three cardinal sins.

H H Gees do work even though I do think the placebo effect is a hoax (all the studies that proved it) and the healing effect cannabis has was also covered up by the government. Cannabis cured tumors in people by blocking V E G F plus kenehbosem is mentioned in the Holy Torah (Bible).

Good deeds saved the world.
Please remember to watch out for extremely low frequencies which could stave of earth quakes and try to eliminate them bad vibrations.

The electronics of the watch initially amplifies noise at the crystal frequency. This builds or regenerates into oscillation -- it starts the crystal ringing. The output of the watch crystal oscillator is then converted to pulses suitable for the digital circuits. These divide the crystal's frequency down and then translate it into the proper format for the display.

Quartz is also a type of piezoelectric crystal that creates electricity through a process called piezoelectricity when mechanical stress is put upon it. One of the earliest uses for a quartz crystal was a phonograph pickup. Today, one of the most ubiquitous piezoelectric uses of quartz is as a crystal oscillator -- in fact these oscillators are often simply called "quartzes". The same principle is also used for very accurate measurements of very small mass changes by means of the quartz crystal microbalance.

The perpetrators also have the ability to use any unprotected speaker system to give subliminal messages and to produce extremely low frequencies to kill people and even change the lyrics of singers to the extend where words are changed into similar words contained in the memory of the superfast neural network which can respond in real time.

Our reaction is our only enemy.
Failure to respond can leed to pro-activity.
It does not matter what we think only what we do, he he.

What I remembered of some rabbi quote probably.
The wise man is he who changes his enemies into friends.
Reacting happily can be a way to show and also a form of pro-activity.
Voice to skull messages are ALWAYS illegal, see: U D H R dot ORG.

Article 3

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 18

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Being pro active is thinking of what you can think of when you would ever be scared or do not know what to think of, the name of The Eternal One (Allah Hoo Akbar, Hakadosh Baroogh Hoo) because of the depleted uranium war crime.
Alternative gematria: the lettervalue of the hebrew name of The Eternal One, reading the letter Hey as a letter dalet (door) plus a letter yud (yad, hand) turned around.
The perpetrators can read the human mind so I can not keep a secret any way and it might be best to talk to yourself or an m p 3 recorder so people can not say you are crazy.
The land from Dan to Beersheva belongs to the jews according to the Bible.

Art I made with the help of The Eternal One, WALLPAYPER.

A bad police officer is better than a bad president.
10 + 14 + 6 + 14 = 44 = dam, the hebrew word for blood, the blood is the soul.
The Eternal One not only created everything the most powerfull also sustains this
per pay tu em mobelay we call earth.
Use healing rife frequencies to cure most diseases, download a free tone-generator from:


is a research initiative that uses voice, sound, music, shape and color to improve our vibrational perception. 

To prevent and HEAL the rolls-of-coins-blood: people only need a radiation free environment which is easy to create with aluminium foil. Ground the foil.
When living close to an antenna considder double layers or M U metal foil. Ground it.

Please mail me if you know more ways to protect against cancer micro wave/scalar/em beams or when you have found a cure against aging (mitsvah).

Orgone on (not a company).

Do not forget but remember to visit:
w w w dot aquariusvitaliser dot info
The one and only d:-D

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