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-= Prologic's Blog: THE WorldPeaceRadioBlog WPRB =-

-= Prologic's Blog: THE WorldPeaceRadioBlog WPRB =-

4/12/2005 - -= The Resistance =-


We are the resistance, the resistance is growing.

We are the resistance organized against a devil worshipping world order that may not arise under the regime of a devil worshipping American psycho president that is member of a skull digging sect and guilty of one of the most serious war crimes ever committed against humanity, the contamination of Iraq with depleted uranium.

This war is no different from the Vietnam war, and like the Vietnam war the United States will be defeated even though they might claim they have won the Vietnam war, they where 'victorious' already.

Over 200 billion dollars spent on the Iraq war.
Over 150000 soldiers suffering from gulf war syndrome.
Over 2000 American insurgents killed in Iraq.

We are the resistance, the resistance is growing.

To join the resistance write an e-mail to prologic, which you may want to do even if you do not want to join, Pro understands.

The resistance will be a group that will gather information and spread the concentrated info around the web.

The info is concentrated information gathered through years of disciplined study of the intelligence existing in high Per-space.

We do not believe in anything but allow religious members that do not follow a religion that has rituals that require animal or human sacrifices.
Emphasis will be put on tolerance, not on religion(s).
We do not except devil worshippers that offered humans or killed innocent civilians and do not hold Goth chicks and hunks, heavy metal Metallica fans and Adams family watchers responsible for the child offerings some devil worshippers are guilty of.

We do not believe in aliens and must warn that saying or writing you believe in aliens could be what the ill u meen nazi devil worshipping world order with their black agenda behind the scenes want you to do so they can lock you up and experiment on you to find their holy gene sequencing grail. Think twice before you do EM and realize the world order will commit more atrocity's and soon the computer might control all humans on the planet, including the ones that programmed the supercomputer.

Any opposition against the nazi-bush regime is good opposition, remember to support the people exposing the ill you mean a tea, the system is on to control peoples brain waves (including peoples emotions, see Hatayama patent and William T. Clark patent about the art off voice to skull, of shut down log of disarm disarm disarm 9 9 9 again, seriously arty).

We believe the mind control equipment and new technologies must be made public, the majority of innocent civilians against the war has the right to know and an organization must be erected that makes sure the advanced technological weapons are not abused by devil worshippers on innocent civilians, as I know was the case.

Hoping things have changed is one part to tikkun, repairing, unifying the people to keep

The radiation to read peoples mind (Marderossian patent) changes peoples blood structure so it's easy to be objective

We are the resistance, the resistance is growing.

Another goal of the resistance besides gaining intelligence (clearance codes, codes to turn robots of, info gained from inside Dulce, New Mexico etcetera, the info/intelligence is the key to safe our lifes, spread all over the web as soon as received and assure anonymity including your own.
keeping up with counter intelligence and finding ways to shield ourselves against possible new mind control weapons/satellites that might be used already, like static plates, see other articles on this web page.

We are the resistance, the resistance is growing.

We sympathize with all other resistance groups that oppose the american Nazi president and our web link database is growing, mail good links please so they can be put on line.

The Resistances key points of strategy:

1. Against the stupid condemned war in Iraq (no blood for cancer oil) and for world peace, a world leader selected by all people on the planet which will have a cabinet which only is allowed to except and put forth a limited number of laws that are beneficial to all humans and easy for all to understand and also a regime that actively enforces these laws.
2.Against the use of and for a world wide ban on energy weapons such as micro wave satellites. An exception on the ban can be made for the use of radar and other types of advanced satellites murderers.
3. Against the use off and for a world wide ban of the earth quake trigger weapon, a world wide agreement for a limit set to cancer oil over-drilling and a world wide ban of atomic tests to prevent motha earth from exploding.
We strive for enforcing the laws the U N has so nicely put forward and warn the U N is a wolf in sheeps clothes if it does not enforce the laws it published by arresting the skull digging sect member president that is responsible, the depleted uranium war crime was not our fault, we went demonstrating against the war (notice the word demon in demonstrating, please let me know if it's a hypnotic trigger).
3. We support shielding methods that guard against mind control weapons, which may be more important, against the cancer micro wave radiation
which is used to fascilitate mind control according to various sources (micro wave hearing for example, NASA) but some governments try to withhold info from the public and some government officials kept lying a long time and more importantly the radiation used to do all these things changes peoples blood structure and is not non invasive at all, which some people keep claiming because their minds are controlled and they are afraid because they know they are lying.

4. We are NOT against all americans but for a boycott and for a new, much better government that has something good to offer in stead of the one that spent and lost 200 billion dollars in the war.
5. We are against any person doing anything illegal, for example demonstrants carrying mollotofs in the middle of the group to use on police officers would they transgress the law and infringe on the free right to demonstrate you know?
6. We are for a total eradication and elimination of psychiatry except the psycho-analytical branch and all branches not using medicine to fight symptoms but take away the cauze of any mental illness and a total ban of electro shock therapy (A k A  E C T) which gives brain damage and does not relieve depression, studies have shown.
Put an end to the insane atrocity of E C T.
7. We, the resistance, are here to brake circles of ritual abuse and share info to fight and put an end to gang-stalking and to defend each other.
8. The resistance stands firm with the majority of innocent civilians in our opinion the laws the U N made pertaining to the depleted uranium war crime should be enforced and the american president should be arrested FOR REAL.
9. No blood for cancer-oil. To prevent explosion of the planet we are on. Stop cancer oil overdrilling, stop, ban the use of the earth quake trigger weapon (Montauk, Phoenix II), stop, ban the use of HAARP, stop modifying the earths ionosphere, stop nuclear tests.
10. Stealing Geronimos skull was wrong. Put back Geronimos skull in the grave where skull and bones belong. Long live the holy Apache-tribe and all peacefull indian tribes who where thrown of their own soil by a bunch of robber.

Let me know if you also have a resistance group, saying we are against the war and for peace makes us part of the majority, see New York times poll

The polls show the following:
On the do you approve of president bushs handling of Iraq? question September 2003 75 percent still agreed and approved with the psycho presidents handling of Iraq (not kidding) but in October 2005 65 percent disagreed with Bushs handling of Iraq. The majority of the interviewed americans disapproved of president bushs handling of Iraq from about December 2004. So the majority agreed with the American psycho president until December 2004, after that date (the time scale is not very clearly marked) from the beginning of 2005 the majority disagreed with the presidents handling of Iraq.

In the other pole graphic shown in the B B C article Bush takes on Iraqi war critics the majority of interviewed people thinks the U S should have stayed out of Iraq from around that same date. So the majority of the Americans voted the U S was wrong in taking military action in Iraq, that the U S should have stayed out of Iraq.

These polls are important info so spread them all over the fucking web.

Demonstration and Pro Peace Activists links.
Dutch links.
D U victim picture links.
Kill-Bush links (see disclaimer).

It is important we let people around us know we are the majority constantly.

The Resistance
The resistance is growing.

World Peace Now.
Human rights now.
Unify for unity now.

.The Resistance.

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