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-= Prologic's Blog: THE WorldPeaceRadioBlog WPRB =-

3/12/2005 - -= Stop Dulce, New Mexico =-

The following is written so the experiments at Dulce are made public and stop the kidnappings.

This is only allowed if you dont warn your fellow humans about Dulce, New Mexico.
Their plan is to turn all of you people into robots, to make robot slaves out of you all before you die and perhaps this will soon be possible even after you have died, from one gene.
Lots of people where kidnapped already. Prevention beats curing.
Besides people becoming more reliable like robots, with a chip built in, with voice to skull messages and very prone to micro wave radiation attacks like all unprotected humans.
At Dulce, New Mexico, humans are changed into robots that are totally controllable with micro wave radiation from a distance, as we have been reading in the Dulce book.
Unfortunately prologic's blood was changed because even the blood-structure of people that are not electro-sensitive is changed when exposed to the cancer micro wave radiation, so his body would not be usable because he would die when exposed to the radiation to long. Prologic is not alien and not God. I know.
Supermodels and nice looking men with a high sperm count will be their prime goal.
Prologic is probably infertile cauz' he lived at Hakfort, Amsterdam, where the amount of cancer micro wave radiation is about a thousand times higher than in the place where prologic lives. People that spent most of their days underground are best to use because their sperm-count has not been affected yet. Prologic protected himself against the radiation that made a lot of people infertile, so his sperm is still healthier than that of the majority of men around you and his dick is still one centimeter longer than average, when erect. Prologic still has spasms when attacked with the cancer micro wave satellites, which was the case during the writing of this article. The computer will be able to use your brains but you all will not be able to use your own brain and eyes after the process invented at Dulce would be carried out. Prologic was waved a lot so his brain is probably worth shit. Also pro is probably highly infertile due to the period he lived at Hakfort, near the contaminated Bijlmer El Al plane crash site, but than all these people that lived their would be infertile and I saw they had healthy kids. Prologic would not create something that dies, a baby, before the experiments at Dulce are made public, it is your tax money. After the Moshiach rules the planet from Jerusalem he might want kids and new ways to select healthy sperm cells might be found by that time, clonaid dot com.  Sex before marriage and just friendship is also possible as long as the goal is finding a marriage partner. If we don't get married we could get engaged and I would buy you a ring. I'm into Shiatsu (pronounced: She Ah Tsu) The genetic experiments using life humans at Dulce must stop and we must get together to secure our future together. Because his body is affected negatively by the cancer micro wave radiation (see finger photo) his brain would not be able to withstand high amounts of radiation either, even if a fluid that replaces the blood would be used as you can see on the Dulce-video. The real soul can not be removed, only  a copy of the brain can be made and a computer model that would behave the same as the person would. The real soul would probably still travel to paradise. Your brains might be needed to generate better new ideas for the supercomputer and as memory. Prologic's eyes are also pretty bad, one of the reasons he was disqualified for the army.
May The Eternal One doom the people that kidnapped people and people that do cross breeding experiments. These two things are clearly forbidden by the holy Torah.
It is written thousands of new creatures where created from living humans at Dulce.
Unfortunately the plan to wipe out a whole population might be exercised, prologic is the one of the few with a gasmask. The bodies of the people might be used and people might not have a soul. Meaning the opposite of what was suggested above: when your brain is re-activated in a glass pot and you see the white coat of the Dulce expert that is going to put your eyes and brain in a robot body to create a slave out of you that has no free will any more, controlled by artificial fear constantly flowing through your body they might think they drained your soul but in fact your soul would still be there, your brain would perceive reality the same way as when it was still in your body. This will only happen to you and perhaps everybody if you are not with the majority against this Dulce experiments insanity. The kidnappers want to create concentration camps and according to sources the new concentration camps have already been built. The perpetrators may have sent me a brain wave of one of the brains at Dulce and it was much worse than being beaten up, being at the dentist and being tortured put together. Also people at home can be given an amount of fear with the new technology, see Marderossian patent. The amount of fear is greater than any type of natural fear and the body's of victims who they do this to are shacking  of fear when the radiation is used to control their emotions from a distance. All feelings, including trust, love, sexual arrousal, happiness can be totally controlled with the technology using this patent, but fear is their favorite since it facilitates control best.
Their bodies might still be usable after their death if the right type of gas, chemical weapon, would be used that preserves the body as well.
To keep it clear: I still have a pretty large amount of sperm compared to Peter North for example, but the sperm is probably not usable unless the sperm of the people in Amsterdam would still be usable.

The idea is to use chemical weapons to wipe out a whole nation so their bodies are still usable, the U S A has a lot of forbidden chemical and biological weapons, and that's no secret.
Their souls will be drained (usurped) from the body and their bodies will be controlled with cancer micro wave radiation.
Besides his blood illness, which might soon be cured, prologic, if ever turned into a robot, would also come back to haunt the people that did it and would resist being taken away and even people entering without permission with all he has and suggests you all do the same.
Prologic will not allow any police in this house without a warrant and no shrink unless the person would be his date, a possible marriage candidate. Remember never to go to a shrink and not to let them into your house (most psycho-analysts are not shrinks, an exception is made for the ones that try to fight the symptoms with drugs in stead of finding the cause of the disease to cure it for real)
Being radiation free living is easy.
It is said people that ate chocolate are not usable because their blood is not usable. This is probably a myth because after the kidnapping the people can be put on any type of diet. Perhaps bodies are needed fast at Dulce and the kidnappers do not want to wait a month till the chocolate is out of their system. Regular chocolate eaters bodies might be unusable and people with aids and blood diseases could fuck up the whole system. Just one. Biological Dulce weapons might have been created for when an organism would escape. Don't forget The Real Eternal One is The Almighty One with the devil on a leech.

The perpetrators control everyone's brain and the perps must be stopped because the radiation used to read your minds changes their blood structure (Marderossian patent see 17 studies that have shown peoples blood structure changed (lymphocyte changes and D N A breaks).
Have you noticed many people make strange mistakes when typing?
Ever wondered why all the good stories contain typing errors?
The perpetrators try to let victims make type o's using the supercomputer that was programmed with demon alters, programs that behave like devilish humans that isolate people and send a brain wave to wake victims up in the middle of the night to wake them up so they are mental wrecks during the day that are more easily controlled. Usually this has the opposite effect and the victims become harder to handle and the victims are prepared to go further and to get even in stead of mad to get back to the perpetrators, devil worshipping temples where burned with mollotof's by angry fathers and mothers whose kids disappeared, terrible. People are organizing and millions of people went demonstrating against nazi-bush the sick skull digging sect member.
We are not all the same because the majority of the people on the planet are not sick skull diggers, but normal people that did not do anything they can not get out of.
On the other hand prologic's sperm might be healthier because he also protected himself against the radiation at Hakfort and stopped using a cancer micro wave and threw his cancer mobile away so it could not fall into the wrong hands: human hands.
His brain was pounding at Hakfort, so his brain and eyes are totally unusable and also the blood disease prologic has might be genetic. If you are not married or engaged and want to live radiation free you are most welcome at prologic's place, also if you would like to be on world peace radio or watch a movie. If you want kids that might still be possible via clonaid and perhaps the normal way would produce wonderfull geniusses.
It is important we all stand up together against these terrible liars that have to hide themselves in underground military bases, expose them,
against the liars that give voice to skull messages that can not use their real name that have to hide themselves because what they are doing is killing 3 billion people before 2050 and if the Americans are not stopped we all might become enwrapped in nuclear winter.

Click here if you want to see the Dulce Video again.
The story goes the real video disappeared and this one would be fake.
People got into Dulce using a large magnet that disables the security system so people have to reset it.

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