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-= Prologic's Blog: THE WorldPeaceRadioBlog WPRB =-

8/11/2005 - Latest links - info on how to track the perps

Great links I have received from other people against the abuse of energy weapons:

this is what i believe someone is targeting us with.
but go to the heaven above site (below), register, install your coordinates.
and locate the assaulter.
mine appears to be a Lacrosse 3, but I am still verifying this.

Names have been replaced by fictional names (Nex and Wendy) to ensure privacy if you want your name in here, let me know.

Since more and more people see the evil done to them and the planet by the devil worshipping world order behind the scenes, the ill you meanazi, more and more people are forming groups and the majority is now against the war, for peace.

The 200 billion dollar war could have bought them all the cancer-oil they wanted. But time hurries on. And the leaves that are grean are blown up (burning bush-bush, the holy herb, blowing the joint you know?).

The resistance is growing.

Millions of people, real human beings, went demonstrating against that evil nazi, Bush, that skull digging sect member, a Skully.

Visit the World Peace Radio Blog site again soon, updates are made regularly.

I have hope because Nostradamus knew the anti christ, nazi-bush, would be defeated

Get the ones on top, the ones transgressing the commandments, for example the people that gave the orders to use depleted uranium, a weapon of mass destruction according to the U N and therefore a war crime.

I have verified as well, Nex, usually a Lacrosse passes over my home in the Netherlands as well.
When I'm attacked I usually hear a high frequency in my brain first and later other strange things happen, for example my sking denting in as if someone is pinching me and so off.

It's important people learn that the equipment is not non-invasive at all but the radiation the satellites use changes every humans blood structure, electro-sensitive or not. I hope everyone has an aluminum foil covered bed room at least, we are still beginning to learn how much damage the cancer micro wave radiation has done so far, how many people died as a direct cause and still do not know the long term effects. Several phones for children have been brought on the market indicating there is a whole population control network that floods the markets with these cancer mobiles to spread cancer and kill 3 billion people world wide and 100 million Americans before 2050, see global 2000 report.

From one of the links sent:
The GWEN Towers positioned along the areas north of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers were turned on for 40 days and 40 nights, probably mocking the Flood of Genesis. (This was in conjunction with HAARP, that creates a river of electricity flowing thousands of miles through the sky and down to the polar ice-cap, manipulating the jet-stream , like The Woodpecker.)

A second mail from people I consider friends now and I don't even know how they look:


ELFs operate on about the same frequency as the brain, in the Herz range. They would have no impact on the lungs.
I noted on a military website the ultrasound (an acoustical frequency) compresses the lungs. (The government is considering ultrasound as a frequency that could conceivably be used under water to thwart scuba-diving terrorists, which prompted one scientist to note that, since ultrasound compresses the lungs, the ultimate effect would be to drown the intruders, which he didn't think would be appropriate.)
I suspect, also, that kinetic energy is being used, based on my own experiences with targeting of the lungs and throat.
You say you live on a mountain. How many towers are line of sight to your residence? Also, how many curious-looking devices or contraptions have you seen built into the ground or on poles within a 100-yard circumference of your residence? (It might mean hiking out in the woods to see what's out there, if you are surrounded by woods.) I know of one woman residing in rural Hawaii who found a military style encasement within perhaps 50 yards of her house. It was about three feet high and about as many feet wide. She didn't know what was inside and was afraid to check, even though she knew that targeting was coming from that direction. It was installed after she had moved in. If you find something like that, dynamite might alleviate your problems.


Nex wrote:

would you all please go to this site link below, and read.
and would you all consider this a high priority of elimination in our targeting?
I do, and think we ought to start contacting our representatives about this.
Look at the freq. being emitted, for one thing.
Many of us victims are getting hurt in the chest.
But I would like to have your thoughts on this before i scream and yell at the people in charge of the towers.


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