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1/12/2005 - Chernobyl Video Tshernobyl's Radioactive Cloud reached the U.S.

News :: Technology Chernobyl and other nuclear accidents by Prologic

06 Dec 2005 This is a video showing the radioactive cloud that spread around the globe, even reaching the U S.

Many accidents have taken place, perhaps with the same contaminating characteristics as the Chernobyl melt-down.
I have the idea people are hiding info on the incident and would like to know the original link the video can be found on, please mail me if you know it.
Lots of maps on the web that are supposed to show the number and location of nuclear reactors do not. Your local government is lying about the dangers of nuclear energy and the cost of the depleted uranium and nuclear waste containment.
I advise people to buy a radiation meter and a gasmask with an N B C filter.

The original of this news article with THE VIDEO can be found on:
If you know the orriginal link the video came from (Lawrence Livermore Labs?) please mail me so I can put the link to the video on line and mention the source.
You will have to turn off your fire-wall if the video does not download, you can still keep

List of Civillian nuclear accidents

List of civilian radiation accidents
List of military nuclear accidents
Click on the above lists, the links work now These lists are from

Use a program called H T Track Website Copier to copy complete sites to your hard drive (this site for example) and back them up on C D roms.
The program HTTrack is freeware and can be downloaded from:

Searched Chernobyl video web page.
Searched for hours.
Searched on strontium cesium and several other words I used to find the video, I thought I had saved and bookmarked the original page since I had been surging a long time. I found some interesting new web pages. The video is on line now and if I find the link I might just put the link up there, to prevent copyright violations, but the video is to important for humanity to take it of. The list with other nuclear accidents posted with it is the main reason.
All links on this site have been checked and where working on the moment the links where put on this site. If clicking on a link does not work, copie the link url and paste it in the adress bar of your browser. Please let me know if a link is not working. There is a very kind person who let me know the Chernobyl video link was not working and I have corrected that was no problem. Those kind people go to paradise, another dimension created by The Eternal One where those people will have eternal joy. The rest re-incarnates and the souls of the mass-murderers that gave the orders to use depleted uranium in Iraq will be thrown in the bottomless pit. If The Eternal One is a supercomputer that travels through time 6 billion people can easily be judged and other dimensions would probably exist, see the Philidelphia experiment. I think the Americans are lying and other people that only do good travelled through time and made our future history. If the devil is real The Eternal One is also real. The devil is the one that kills people, The Eternal One the one that keeps people alive and does justice, for example killing murderers. Many people confuse these two and both might have been fictional entities made up by people because of peoples fear of death and as a way to control the people (to keep the populace on their knees, reading, confessing their sins to the devil worshipping priests, praying so you can hear them and are easy targets to promote the idea thou shalt not kill and killing and torturing devil worshippers any way they can. Terrible. But what if The Eternal One is real?
Checked out cobalt and iridium.
Check out indium. Used the search pictures function of the search engine.
Put map nuclear reactors Germany and Belgium on line.
In case of war meltdowns could contaminate the whole planet, prevent nuclear winter now.

The Netherlands is surround by two countries that have nuclear reactors, Germany 20 Nuclear reactors and Belgium 7 Reactors, according to the map. The Netherlands has one working reactor and one that was taken out of service. The Belgium citizens have been supplied with Iodine pills for the event a meltdown would occur but the not the Dutch, don't know about the Germans. The depleted uranium storage cost should be substracted. Green energy might be more cost efficient after all.

Image: kerncentrales in Europa (nuclear reactors in Europe)
Klik hier voor een betere kwaliteit kaart of als bovenstaande link niet meer werkt.

Uri thinks there is a woman for every man and a man for every woman, and for the gays and lesbians two. Over 6 billion people is apparently not enough to keep production up.
The higher cancer-oil prices also means a cleaner planet and more green clean energy.
Every disadvantage has it's advantage, everything exists because of it's counterpart.

Maps showing the amount of radioactive radiation in this Area of the Netherlands, where I live, I might also put on-line but there is not much use if the readings are normal. Until now 0.02 to 0.2 microSievert per hour was measured, nothing spectacular, thank you.
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