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3/12/2005 - Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse

That the U S and Europe will unify against the anti christ does not mean that the anti-christ would not be american.
In pictures: Iraqi prisoner abuse

The story with the pictures the B B C did not tell you.

The electrical supply runs right behind the hooded prisoner, the wires are connected to electric cable as you can see on the photo, the american insurgents only had to put on the main power switch to fry the prisoner, which was probably done.

The suggestion that "it is believed that the wires were not actually connected"  (between brackets) is hereby refuted.

On picture three one of the two U S insurgents, the female insurgent on the picture is lying on top of the Iraqi prisoners-with-green masks on.

On photo 4 of 11 a female american insurgent is making a thumbs up sign with one hand and with the other making a pistol shape, indicating to shoot the prisoners.

In the description of picture five is not described that the person is dead.

The dead iraqi seems to be in plastic and Charles Graner is making a thumbs up sign with his hands on picture 6 of 11.

On picture 7 you can see traces of abuse even though the american insurgents tried to cover up the bodies of the innocent Iraqi civilians with plastic to hide evidence of abuse.

The man on picture 8 of 11 is a man chained to the wall with a hood on standing on two cardboard boxes that can collapse any second. The man standing on the boxes also seems to be beaten on his back. This is a part of ritual abuse in its worst form.

The people lying on the floor are tied up and hooded.
Why are they hooded?
Why is the american insurgent beating even though the prisoners are tied up and hooded?

The prisoner threatened with the dog is on his knees in an orange outfit and his hands are tied behind his back. Who checked if the man has not been fed to the dog?
The man looks horrified and has his eyes closed.

One of the soldiers on the last picture has a cancer-mobile on his belt, great.
The soldier is leaning on the naked iraqi prisoners with his whole body wait because his toes almost do not touch the floor.
One person is in a white chair watching the other soldier kneeling on the prisoners and the american insurgents will probably pretend they where doing an inspection but then putting them next to each other would not have been necessary.

Picture 5 and picture 6 show people whose eyes have been damaged and covered with a white bandage with blood dripping out of it.

Get the broad.

Woman soldier admits Iraq abuse
Lynndie England
Pte England's defence argue she was acting under orders
An American woman soldier has pleaded guilty to charges of abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq, at a court martial in Texas.

Spc Charles Graner
Pte Jeremy Sivits
Sgt Ivan Frederick
Spc Megan Ambuhl
Spc Armin Cruz
Spc Roman Krol
Sgt Javal Davis
Facing trial:
Pte Lynndie England
Spc Sabrina Harman

Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 13 22 GMT 14 22 UK
 Q&A: Putting Saddam on trial

The former Iraqi leader will have the right to call witnesses. If convicted, he will have the right to appeal the sentence. The appeal will be held before a nine-judge tribunal.

What has he been charged with?

The only charge against Saddam Hussein so far is the killing of more than 140 men in the mostly Shia town of Dujail after a failed assassination attempt against him.

The following is a description of the case taken from I S T documents:

"In July 1982, a small group of villagers attacked Saddam Hussein's convoy as it travelled through the town, located about 60 kilometres north of Baghdad. As a result, several state security forces of Saddam's regime composed of units from the Iraqi Army, Iraqi Intelligence Service and the Baath Party descended upon the Dujail. In the following few days, hundreds of people were arrested, some were executed and others including women, men and children were wrongly arrested and held at Sumawa desert in Lia location for four years. In addition, the fruit groves of the families of those arrested were destroyed."

How will Saddam fight the case?

Saddam Hussein's lawyers are likely to question the legitimacy of the court that was set up in 2003 under the US occupation.

Speaking to the BBC in the run-up to the trial, lawyer Abdel Haq Alani said that the tribunal was: "drafted by an occupying power."

"It has no right under international law to change the legal system of an occupied land," he said.

Mr Alani also told the BBC that in the Dujail case, the defence will argue that those killed in the village had been found guilty under Iraq's laws and Saddam Hussein's only role was to sign their death warrants.

In July 1982, a small group of villagers attacked Saddam Hussein's convoy.
Saddam was attacked, saddam did not attack any one but the group of villagers did.
This reminds Uri of his own case where people kicked in his door and claimed Uri was responsible.

This court is now in session.
Here comes the judge.
The honorable judge Lifewater presiding.

Since saddam did not drop depleted uranium and since Saddam was attacked the procedure followed by the Iraqi government can be seen as a normal response. Saddam himself did not commit any crime but the american insurgents used weapons of mass destruction, depleted uranium, which can not be filtered out with a gasmask, a horrible terrible crime the american insurgents committed, not the Iraqi's.
The american insurgents with their devil worshipping president are trying to blame other people for the despicable war crimes the american insurgents committed, a technique often used by devil worshippers that are known for other horrible crimes such as scarring, burning baby's, skull digging and lying when possible.
To keep it clear: the victims are in reality the agressors and the so called agressors are often the victims.

This is not the way to treat a former president.

Saddam has been cleared from all charges and is now a free man because Saddam was a victim, not an attacker like the Dujail group.

On the other hand, I am a devil worshipping judge so I have to give the death penalty now.

Like Michael Jackson Saddam will be declared guilty and Saddam will get the electric chair, if he has the money. Get it?

A more recent article than I wrote can be found on:

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