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2/12/2005 - Saddam is innocent

Saddam is innocent

A recent B B C article states: 'following an attempt on the former leader's life.' (life, not wife).
Why doesn't the B B C article state: following a murder attempt on Saddam Hussein by 148 Shia Iraqi's?
Because Saddam was attacked first the article is misleading.
Quote from the misleading B B C news article: Saddam trial told of 'massacre':

What would the penalty be in the U S for a person that attempted to murder Nazibush?
The death penalty is still enforced in the States.
The Holy Quran and Sharia clearly describe the penalty's for people that try to kill a president and the death penalty for people that attack a country's leader specifically, or not? (meaning I do not know but know you can find the source of the ten commandments in the QURAN click on submission dot org to open link)
The United Nations also makes clear attacks on a country's leader should not be tolerated.
As a matter of fact all ten commandments can be found in the Holy Quran, see Submission dot org for the source of Jewish/devil worshipping Christian's ten commandments.
Thou shall not kill can be found in the Holy Quran verse 5 32 in different words but with the same meaning of which the translation reads:

anyone who murders any person
who had not committed murder or
horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he
murdered all the people. (Quran 5 32)

I'm pretty sure Saddam did not murder any one himself.
With mind control equipment the Nazi-Americans might be able to control all the thoughts of the people in court, including Saddam's and even the judges mind, if all the articles describing the remote neural monitoring and brain link technologies so vividly describe the possibility's of the equipment correctly.

The Hatayama patent is used in technology that controls peoples emotions remotely, hence the picture of Saddam and his half brother shouting at the judge.

I noticed this being in the car with my father, where he was scratching an itching nose at the same time my nose itched and back at home where the same thing happened.
Knowing all this has also brought me and my family closer together.

The Americans have a nazi president thatss member of a skull digging sect, you know? FUNNY IN THE HEAD.
I never did anything out of Deep Blue.
It does not matter what we think, only what we do.

Interesting articles in relation to this article from

The owners of the war in Iraq

Freedom of Speech?
      #10808 - 01/05/03 11:11 PM (

-Man who talked of 'burning Bush' before presidential visit sentenced to 37 months

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) - A man who made a remark about a "burning Bush" during the president's March 2001 trip to Sioux Falls was sentenced Friday to 37 months in prison.

Richard Humphreys of Portland, Ore., was convicted in September of threatening to kill or harm the president and said he plans to appeal. He has said the comment was a prophecy protected under his right to free speech.

Humphreys said he got into a barroom discussion in nearby Watertown with a truck driver. A bartender who overheard the conversation realized the president was to visit Sioux Falls the next day and told police Humphreys talked about a "burning Bush" and the possibility of someone pouring a flammable liquid on Bush and lighting it.

"I said God might speak to the world through a burning Bush," Humphreys testified during his trial. "I had said that before and I thought it was funny."

2002 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.-
Note the fake 'this material may not be published' probably typed by the owner of the site that has a red cross emblem at the right top of the site. The associated Press publishes articles themselves and on other version the fake statement is not included.
Please let me know where I can find the orriginal article, it used to be available on C N N according to one of the sources.

Would Reuters and the A N P publish misinformation and than remove it again to cover up the depleted uranium war crime? The orriginal 'burning bush'-article disappeared of many news-sites it was orriginally posted on, indicating strange arrests of innocent civilians set up have been going off, so they posted them again.

Also an interesting article about a man that was arrested for wearing a 'give peace a chance' T-shirt:
5th March 2003, 08:53 PM
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A lawyer was arrested late Monday and charged with trespassing at a public mall in the state of New York after refusing to take off a T-shirt advocating peace that he had just purchased at the mall.

According to the criminal complaint filed on Monday, Stephen Downs was wearing a T-shirt bearing the words "Give Peace A Chance" that he had just purchased from a vendor inside the Crossgates Mall in Guilderland, New York, near Albany.

"I was in the food court with my son when I was confronted by two security guards and ordered to either take off the T-shirt or leave the mall," said Downs.

When Downs refused the security officers' orders, police from the town of Guilderland were called and he was arrested and taken away in handcuffs, charged with trespassing "in that he knowingly enter(ed) or remain(ed) unlawfully upon premises," the complaint read.

Downs said police tried to convince him he was wrong in his actions by refusing to remove the T-shirt because the mall "was like a private house and that I was acting poorly.

"I told them the analogy was not good and I was then hauled off to night court where I was arraigned after pleading not guilty and released on my own recognizance," Downs told Reuters in a telephone interview.

Downs is the director of the Albany Office of the state Commission on Judicial Conduct, which investigates complaints of misconduct against judges and can admonish, censure or remove judges found to have engaged in misconduct.

Calls to the Guilderland police and district attorney, Anthony Cardona and to officials at the mall were not returned for comment.

Downs is due back in court for a hearing on March 17.

He could face up to a year in prison if convicted.
Therefore we should not forget the fact
Saddam was attacked.

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