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1/10/2005 - VOICEMORPHING end voice to skull

What goes around comes around.
Laws have been made that guarantee and protect peoples physical integrity.
Time to enforce those laws!

Voice-morphing and voice to skull

When the perpetraters let you know what a victim is thinking you still do not know what the victim is thinking and neither do the perpetrators because the perpetrators also manipulate the brain-wave of the victim they steal the brain-wave from:
1) The computer can send voices to the victim (voice to skull, electronic brain link) and the computer can use the inner voice of the victim. The computer only needs a recording of ten seconds of a persons voice to be able to talk with the voice of the victim.
2) Since the invention and implementation of Remote Neural Monitoring new technologies have been developped to control the human mind that could be undetectable for security agencies. The agencies can therefore never know from where the persons thoughts orriginate or if thoughts are truly a persons own thoughts, since there are numurous devices to change peoples brainwaves from a distance, besides signals from radio, television and equipment in the environment of people that also effects peoples brain waves.
3) The perpetrators that want to eliminate potential threats to national security sometimes do it to eliminate threats to themselves, if they already broke the law. One sin leads to another and there is nothing worse than a bad cop (a judge usually does not have a gun). I usually call bad police officers cops but the majority of police officers are terribly good, unless their minds would be controlled by a supercomputer with a database programmed by humans.
4) The perpetrators can do a lot of things at the same time, using the supercomputer. So the combination of techniques used (I know from experience) is:
1. Let the computer talk in any persons own voice (called voice morphing). A recording of only ten seconds of a persons voice is said to be sufficient to apply this voice morphing technique.
2. Project the voice made with the voice morphing technology (the person 'own' (between brackets) voice) into the brain of the victim.
3. Let people in the environment of the victim know what the victim is thinking.
The perpetrators send the thoughts to the victim so the perpetrators can know what the person will think next, because they are sending thoughts to the victim and therefore control what the victim thinks to a very great extend, but the minds of the people in the environment to an even bigger extend, because the victims where attacked the victims usually took steps to protect themselves and legal action.
4. By knowing what the victim will think next (see previous point 3) and the victim not knowing her or his inner voice is not her or his own inner voice any more a victim can be driven crazy. I wonder how many people are in insane assylums that are totally normal but found out about the voice to skull technology.
5) The perpetrators changing a victims brain wave can be the same as the perpetrators letting people in the environment of the victim know what the victim is supposedly thinking, the same perpetrators that change the victim's brain-wave, but they can also be civillians that use advanced technology and subliminal message to change or perpetrators from other countries. Signal flow. Use equipment (spectrum analyzer, Narda microwave radiation meter, radar detector) to pick up the perpetrators signal to trace them to their location.

That's why this information is vital to spread, since the perpetrators can do it and are doing illegal things to all people on this planet.

Often times brain waves of people are stolen without the person knowing it and the stolen brainwave is projected in another persons head, in the brain of the victim.

This way it will seem the victim is thinking forbidden thoughts and no-one is able to find out who is sending the person those thoughts without satellites and chances are no-one will even know the computer is using the persons inner voice, not even the victims themselves.

The brain link method is called non invasive but is in reality very invasive since two microwave radiation beams are sent at the victim (through peoples brains) to be able to read their mind and the type of radiation used (cancer-microwave-radiation) changes peoples blood structure. The right to physical integrity is being transgressed by the use of these technologies by the perpetrators in the assumption the method would be non invasive, but I think most of them know the cancer micro wave radiation changed and is changing the blood structure of the people that are not protected with a cage of Farraday, aluminum foil rules. The laws pertaining to physical integrity being transgressed are:
1) The Universal Declaration of human rights, article 3.
2) Your local constitution, the fourth amendment in the states, article 11 of the dutch constitution, called "De Grondwet".

It does not matter what we think, only what we do.

We must make strict regulations and rules pertaining to the abuse of the voice morphing technology on you and me too.

Voice morphing:
Voice to skull:
(frequency to look out for - 200Mz (voice to skull), see article below.
Remote mindcontrol technology (RMCT):
Electronic brain link (EBL):
Remote neural monitoring (RNM):
The use of cancer-mobiles for mindcontrol:


- A Gaussmeter to measure electromagnetic radiation level. TRIFIELD METER measures magnetic fields and information can be obtain from

- Power Surge protection for all electric equipments to regulate the amount of electricity, avoid power surge, and avoid equipment transistors overheating. Once upon a time, my laptop felt so hot when I use it on my lap and horrible burning odour came out from my video recorders. That was a long time ago. This is a MUST for everyone.

- A radar detector to verify that you are under attack at home. If cars drives off the road when you drive, be very suspicious. In this case you might not need the radar detector. Ha! ha!

- A radar signal jammer to cancel out the electromagnetic interference... I am on a look-out for this. Although I have the right electronic plan for this I have not been able to put one together. The Mind Control victims community need to put their heads together so that we can investigate the possibility of jamming signals sent and obtained from implanted victims.

- Copper Mesh to create protective shield for your head especially while you sleep. Brillo pads are Copper Mesh that can be used to detract electromagnetic waves. Pro's note: do not use Brillo pads but steel wool, Brillo pads contain benzisothiazolinone which smells like the stuff used to clean silver wear which could be very damaging to human health and may have been added to facilitate mind control and prevent the use of brillo pads as a shield to block em-energy weapon attacks. It is an S C Johnson-product: see
After wearing my Brillo Turban that night and standing in the bath room (not shielded with aluminum foil) I felt a severe pain in my back while I was taking pictures of myself using the bathroom mirror. I used Spiroflor S R L Gelly to get rid of the pain in my back but it hurt for over 3 days, like when I made a salto and landed in the water in a wrong position. The steelwool is a much better protection against electro magnetic radiation used by the energy weapon that was used in attempts to take my life. I think it is a satellite that is now (first of may 2006 at time of editing this note) standing in the north west in an angle of about 80 degrees as seen from my house.
People in the Netherlands can order the steelwool from from w w w dot beeldhouwwinkel dot n l (clickable links).

- A Camera with films to take pictures (made ready for just when you need it). A gang are always involved in all Mind Control attacks and instances. Take the pictures of the offenders and publicise it. Record their names and put it on the web OR newsgroups.

- A tape recorder to capture noise attacks and verbal abuses.

- A camcorder to record unusual events and behaviours.

- A decent receiverscanner to intercept unusual broadcasts and scan the electromagnetic waves. (frequency to look out for - 200Mz (voice to skull), 0-50Hz (brainwave manipulation).

- Don't depend on your local police station for support they will only label you.

- Know that what is happening to you has been done to other innocent people too.


The Prisoner, Silkwood, The Ostermann Weekend, Desperately Seeking Susan(symbolism), A Certain Sacrifice(symbolism), 1984, Scanners, The Matrix, The Sixth Day, Invaders of the Body Snatchers, The Player, The Manchurian Candidate, One Eyes Shut, The Firm, Johnny Mnemonics, The Running Man, Total Recall, The LawnMower Man, Puppet Master(symbolism), and SOCIETY(symbolism), The Truman Show.

-- Mind Control is a Reality

The above
SURVALIST KIT FOR MIND CONTROL VICTIMS is a part from an article on:

Remember to visit EVERY DAY.

Think about all info on 9 9 9 prologic 9 9 Nines web site for a day and then deside if you want to take action and in what way:
1) Protect your holy brain by putting aluminum foil on the walls, windows and ceiling of your bedroom so you are protected against the cancer micro wave radiation during the 8 hours you sleep a day at least.
2) Sign petitions of all sorts, especially banning the use of energy weapons. You can also do this ANONYMOUSLY or under a different name (Bushbush it).
3) Remove cancer micro wave antenna's by sewing the basterds that put them to close to the public (legal).
4) Organize demonstrations against the cancer micro wave antenna mast parks in your country.
5) Educate the citizens of your country better than the citizens of the other countries are educated and check and verify the info to the source.
6) Only write and talk to people that can do something about it, only give solutions, not problems.
7) Spread the message: it's spread. Copy the info on the web pages to the blogs and newsreaders with the most and best info. Make your own podcast, mailings and totally control the whole fucking internet. Once the people know all this info they do not commit swisshide any more because they know you are there and the supercomputer (S C) was programmed by humans. Able to read the minds of all humans and control the human mind with the inner voice of the person, we still have our own thoughts. This knowledge can only save our lifes, and I still hope a lot of it isn't true (the cancer micro wave radiation is changing peoples blood structure and making them infirtile, but people now know how to protect themselves). There might also be good controllers (the majority) that make sure these new technologies become a benefit to all of humanity that know everything they do is and was registered since 19 72. This is not the Mytrix.
8) Get info and maybe buy equipment to trace the perpetrators, which could any one by now (including people on the other side of the planet and from your local government), HF radiation meters (Brands: Narda, Gigahertz), spectrum analyzer, geigercounter ( dumpstores), a mistmaker lamp, an aircleaner with ionizer to get clean air without nano bots (Smart Dust, Macromotes that give lung cancer), a reverse osmosis waterfilter , a gasmask with an N B C filter (dump stores) and some marihuana (a k a the Holy Herb, Ganjah, medee weed, Tha Joint, duh Tsjaab, hemp, cannabis, from the Hebrew kennehbossem, the Hebrew University confirmed). A joint a day keeps the doctor away (in Dutch: ayn tuhvraydun rohker is geen onruststoker).
I don't have all of these things bud a few because I'm a poor person, but if I had the dough I'd buy a spectrum analyzer first. The signals of the satellites are also there if you do not have a satellite dish.
8) Since they use our minds there is no use in not talking. Record yourself and others with an M P 3 player to see how much truth people realy speak. Video tape perpetrators that herass you or others. Put video camera's around your house to film perpetrators or police when illegally entering or searching (
9) Sew (should be pronounced as Sue by the speech engine) Sue, arrest and convict Nazi-Bush for his war crime (depleted uranium is a weapon of mass destruction), the C I Ate it, the government officials responsible for the bad standards set pertaining to cancer micro wave radiation. If you don't sue them they might sue you.
10) Remember to turn of equipment to get a lower energy bill, try to get clean green energy and throw away equipment that uses cancer micro wave radiation such as cancer mobiles (meaning mobile phones of all sorts that give cancer), remote local area cancer network (cancer LAN), turn of and destroy all disgusting cancer micro wave radiation equipment, at least when you do not use it (in your waterbed for example).

Let a peech engine like Speakonia read this article written by Prologic, D J Pushit himself.

Stop phoenix II, falling at Montauk never to arise again and ban the use of the earth quake trigger weapon world wide to prevent explosion of our planet, you are on it. The epicentre of the quakes can be exactly determined with satellites, but seizmographic maps can be faked and altered to suit the needs of the devil worshipping new world order behind the scenes.
To prevent explosion of our planet:
1) The use of Extremely Low Frequency waves, HAARP, nuclear tests of great magnitude and the earthquake weapon must be banned world wide and the use of such equipment monitored to the fullest extend possible.
2) A limit must be set on the maximum number of barrels a day that may be drilled up from mother earth. We turn around once in every 23,98 hours when we are on this one.
Cancer oil over drilling must also be stopped and a world-wide limit in barrels must be set.

There is no point in not wishing our enemy's peace in reality.
Hereby we use the vibes to create peace in your brain, peace in my brain, peace for you, peace for me: peace for everybody.
What goes around comes around.

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26/4/2006 - here

Posted by Anonymous
cool news
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26/4/2006 - Hitman: Blood Money

Posted by Anonymous
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21/8/2007 -

Posted by Paulette
Very nice site.
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20/12/2007 - Not very educated or well reasoned analysis

Posted by Anonymous
the number of technical and factual errors in this blog are mind boggling.

to take just ONE simple example, SAR stands for SYNTHETIC APPATURE RADAR ... not SYSTEM ...

This is a method of using disparate and separate rf elements separated by known distances to make an appature that is "synthetically" the same as one HUGE antenna ... instead of many small ones whose gain and resolution are very limited on a one by one basis ... or having to invest in a huge antenna ...that might not be "flyable" in space or on other platforms that need to be mobile and have weight and space limitations.

Simply put, this entire blog and diatribe set, while very well meaning, lacks the technical knowledge, accurate data, or scientific basis to be treated as anything other than the rants of a well intented but half baked young man.

How do I know ... I have BUILT many of these systems or been actively involved inmanaging them.

Ph.D. physics etc.

nom-de-plume - Rasputin ...

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