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-= Prologic's Blog: THE WorldPeaceRadioBlog WPRB =-

1/12/2005 - Dulce Theory

Dulce theory

Once the way to take the soul out of the humans has been discovered and if it has been discovered already that method can be used to use your memory and eyes in robots that will be totally controlled by the computer.
U 2.

This method will be applied to every one once the devil worshipping world order has programmed everyone, the people will think and believe whatever the supercomputer makes them think and believe.

The suffering in Dulce is greater than all suffering of all humans throughout human history put together, that's why you are not allowed to look inside and why the bases are underground, because what people are doing there is illegal under existing laws.

Another reason the bases are underground is preventing other people to find out what they are doing by using advanced spy satellites (System apperture radar, remote neural monitoring equipment, brain link technology wherewith the perpetrators can watch through other peoples eyes).

People where kidnapped and brought to the facility where they are cross bred with other species to form an alien race that will be computer controlled completely.

Picture from
Is this supposed to be a site for kids?

The alien pictures you can find on the web are the new species developed at military underground bases which are supposed to think they are alien.
This is more probably a baby of a doomed American insurgent that dropped depleted uranium in Iraq. The contamination lasts 4 to 4.5 billion years, that's why depleted uranium is officially a weapon of mass-destruction.
To see a flash video about depleted uranium and what it can do to you:

Maybe the aliens on the pictures are not real (aliens do not exist) and have only been spread to hide the genetic experiments done on kidnapped people in the underground military facilities.

Latest link I recently discovered, also mail me if it's REALY good.

Space ships, human built flying saucers, have and are also being produced at the underground military bases that will be much more advanced than the AVROcar and Cypher, using their cloaking technology.

You know they will never be able to find out if you keep your promise, the people that believe you will be dead long before it ever comes to that.

The anti-Christ will be destroyed but let's hope that Nostradamus third world war prophecy does not come true and the people get the ones on top.

Perhaps all human minds on earth are completely supercomputer controlled already and the people can not think any thing the supercomputer does not allow them to.

Because you are worthless to them dead.
Perhaps we can still revive your eyes and brain at Dulce, New Mexico and put them in our new octopus.

This theory was only written to prevent the above scenario.
Make sure people can not take you away.

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